November 30, 2014

Too Early for Prom?

I don't think so.
Most of you might wonder why I am posting gowns and long ball dresses when it is not the season of Balls and Proms yet. You might think that this is not the right time to post this and share with you these dresses. Well, why not?

I am the kind of person who wants to have everything set perfect ahead of time. I don't want to feel rushed before the event 'cause it will just give me stress (Who wants that anyway? Not me.) Trust me, you wouldn't want to ruin that special night just because you planned everything late. I don't want you to hassle, okay? Besides, planning everything early will make you worry-free before the event especially when something turns the other way to what you planned. You better avoid that. And I believe that it is better to share with you these gorgeous long ball dresses before it runs out. I heard they have a loooot of clients. You will thank me for this :) 

Picked Looks, I bet, is not new to you anymore. I guess you have heard of their shop before. I can't blame you for that because they have a really nice set of dresses. Not only that, they offer their collection at a very reasonable price. All girls would love that. And your wallets would thank you for this as well haha!

Now let us go to the dresses now. If you would ask me what color I'd want to wear to a Ball or Prom, I would prefer the color white (aside from pink haha) because it's clean, sleek, and girly at the same time. I think white resembles elegance. When you wear a white dress, it really catches attention.

Black shows sophistication. We know that red is the color of "hotness" but I also believe that black shows the girl's hotness more. When I see girls wearing black dresses, I find them sexy. Well, black really gives an illusion to our body's figure.

The following dresses, as you can see, are in light colors (except for the blue obviously). My friends know me as the girl who really loves color. I am the pastel girl as they say. These dresses are perfect for girls that are like me. They are very light and pleasing to the eyes. Agree or not?

Visit Pickled Looks now for Fabulous and Trendy long ball dresses at a very affordable price! Don't you want that? Happy shopping! ♥


  1. Nicely written, very pretty dresses, especially the black one :)

  2. Love the second dress most. Amazing post & would you like to
    follow each other on GFC,Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know
    & lets keep in touch!


  3. That first dress is gorgeous, you could totally wear it to a wedding, haha! Great post! Thank you for your lovely comment, have a wonderful December, xoxo

  4. These dresses are all so beautiful - love the colours and styles!! :)

  5. beautiful fav is the first one!