Thailand is one of the places that are exciting yet hard to dress up for. One, the weather in Thailand is so hot so I can wear mostly what I do in Manila since they have a similar weather which makes it easy but hard at the same time because as you know, Thailand has a lot of temples and most of the tours include them.

Because temples are sacred places, you have to dress accordingly. But there are some that aren't requiring dress codes especially the one in the photos below. 

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Travel Guide: Flavors of Thailand

Thailand is one of the most famous Asian countries that has notable cuisine because of its undeniably raw and tasty flavors. Here, I'll start with the most important thing that you have to know about Thai food—they're mostly spicy!

And because I'm not the spicy kind of person, I was hesitant to try most of the Thai cuisine and opted for the safe ones a.k.a. fast food. But lo and behold, the meals at fast food chains are spicy even the ones that they gave me when I asked for something that's "not spicy at all."

It's a different kind of spice; it's like it's gonna burn your tongue and release hot air from your ears. Anyway, so what I tried there were the street foods and the ones that are soft-flavored.

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Here's to you looking at the bright sunny day
even if the streets are gloomy outside the window.

Here's to your power and every struggle
you have gone through.

Here's to the pain, sufferings and blames
you have endured.

Here's to every moment you thought was your last 
and all those times you thought things will never be the same again. 

Here's to you, on this beautiful day 
in spite of all the opposite 
of your heart's content—you have thrived. 

You have survived. 
You've made it through every single one 
of the worst and hardest times. 

Can you imagine how wonderfully and amazingly strong you are?

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