Cherry Blossoms in Seoul Forest

It was a sunny day when I visited Seoul Forest. However, though the sun is up, I couldn't feel it because of the cool breeze touching my skin. For someone who lives in a tropical country, 6°C is already chilly. But heck do I care no more 'cause the skies are clear and the blooms are nothing but beautiful.

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How A Misadventure Took Me to A Better Place

If there's one place in Korea that I'd never get tired of going to, it's Seokchon lake. If you're coming from the city proper like Myeongdong or Dongdaemun, you'd have to take a long commute but I tell you, it's so worth it.

Let me tell you about the day we went to Seokchon lake. It wasn't actually the original plan that day because what's in our agenda was to go to Jinhae Cherry Blossoms Festival but our unmindful selves thought we're scheduled to tour at Nami Island and should assemble at the meeting place by 6am. We arrived on time for the Nami tour but, one hour late on the supposed original tour of the day, thus, we missed it.

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Sakura Dreams: Spring in Korea

I've always wanted to see cherry blossoms in person. Before, the original plan was to see it in Japan but when I got myself into K-Dramas last year, there I was, daydreaming to experience the Sakura season in Korea.

Fast forward to April 2018, I was able to fulfill that Sakura dreams! I stayed in Korea for eight (8) days and imagine my excitement when I saw cherry blossoms in full bloom in places we've visited (which I'll be sharing soon).

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The Truth About Being the Strongest Girl

You're bold, you're brave. You fight for what is right or at least what you think is right. You have your own opinion. You have your own voice. Fearless, as they see you. 

You give a hand to someone who needs it. You lift people up when they're feeling down. You love like tomorrow's the end of the world. Loving as they see you.

But what they don't see is that you also need love. That you don't like being alone (at times); that you don't like rejection. They see you as the strongest girl so they don't see that you're also broken inside. That you also need help; that you also need a hand to lift you up whenever your heart is heavy.

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Summer Frills

Dry season is yet to come, officially, but we can already feel the humid weather in Manila. So, that calls for sleeveless and short bottoms—anything that is perfect for summer.

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