Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ending Comes With A New Beginning

At this moment, I am still stuck in a phase where my mind grasps the thought that I cannot ask the driver for a student fare anymore and that, I will now enter the so-called real world.
Five days ago, I was with so many people dressed in identical caps and gowns at Manila Hotel to attend a very special event. And that day marks the end of my life at CEU.

It may be the end but I see it as a new beginning. Very cliche, I know. For us graduates, as we step at the center stage and take a bow, we welcome the new chapter of our lives. It may be thrilling because there are lots of competencies out there juggling that job interview you've been dreaming to have ever since and all you think is how you will ace that. Now, I am grateful to land a job in a well-known media company in the Philippines before I even graduate. Imagine, a college girl already has her job before her graduation. Lucky I am says other people because only few are given this chance but to me, it's not just luck that I have. I have my confidence and rosary with me. That's what keeps me achieving things I want.

So, on to my graduation outfit. I opted for a simple, chic, and elegant look. I did not put any blings and tings on me because I just want my look to be simple. With a white dress and black pointed heels, I achieved the look that I want. Don't you think? :)

Dress from ForMe | Heels from H&M | Bag from River Island

If you know me well, you would be shocked if you see me wearing a bunch of accessories hanging on my neck or arms. You'd probably be surprised to know that I'm not fond of accessories because my style is very girly. The usual girly girl has always her dress, skirt, and necklace with her. But to me, I just have my necklace hidden in its box. Haha!

But then, like what I have said, my style is girly so I just can't take those accessories away from my closet. I need those, too. You know, for emergency purposes. Lol. And as summer starts, different styles of accessories come in the market. Just to help you out in finding high-quality shops online, I found a gorgeous selection of jewelry at ZALORA. Aside from its cute and elegant designs, the accessories are very much affordable! Trust me! I also thought of looking for shops that sell today's trendy necklaces such as chokers and quartz charms which I found at Copper and Accent Archive. Just in time for the summer trends, right?

These are the top three shops that I chose because they are very stylish yet affordable. :)

2. Copper
3. Zalora

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Five Ways to Shine at Prom

It's the time of the season again when teens get adrenaline rush 'cause, you know, promposals are everywhere. There are times when I just want to go back in time and spill the secrets to myself on how to shine at Prom. Since it can't be, then I'll just have to tell it to you.

First things first, before anything else, plan ahead. If you already have something in mind, it's better. If not, try looking for a peg. Best option is your favorite celebrity! Choose a style that you liked the most and bring that to your makeup and hairstylist. Trust me, it'll be easier for the both of you. Unless you choose a peg that seems impossible to achieve on you like having big curls knowing that you have a short bob. Trust me, you don't want to look like you have headphones on you all night.

One of the most important (and exciting) things to keep in mind on standing out in a crowd is having the perfect dress. Every time I hear events, in my mind this calls for an ootd! Whenever I plan my outfit, I get excited. That adrenaline rush in my veins keeps me thrilled on the event. Girls, can you feel me? Anyway, aside from giving us excitement, choosing the dress is one of the most crucial parts of planning your Prom night. It is not easy to find the perfect dress especially if you're running out of time to go to every boutique you know. Good thing, there are several online shops that are rising today. Gone are the days you get stressful looking for a couturier. To make it easier, I'll suggest you'd pay a visit to They have a variety of stunning dresses to choose from.

Curls, up-dos, or just sleek straight hair is what will make your night. It is very important to achieve a hairstyle that really suits you. In my case, my hair draws my confidence. So when it comes to hairstyles, I am very particular to what style I'll have. As the saying goes, the hair is our crowning glory. The dress you choose might be the most beautiful but without the all-good-perfect-hairstyle, it's no use. The hair will make or break your look.

What more should you not forget than bringing your confidence with you? No matter how you look that day, having your greatest confidence will make you shine. Smile to everyone you know and you don't know. 

Now that you have all things packed up, one thing you should not forget is to wear your best smile. That will keep heads turning on you all night. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Take Me to Prom Again

Have you ever wished that you could go back in time and attend your Prom Night again?

I do! I want to go back to the time when we're too busy preparing for that one special night. During high school, we were unfortunate because we didn't have our Prom. All we had was a Graduation Ball. It's very similar to Prom but the participants are just Seniors. So most likely, we had Prom. Not just that "Prom" Prom. Haha get what I mean?

I miss the time when I was looking for a perfect dress to wear. That thought really excites me every time! Who wouldn't be? Girls would really love that, I guess. One reason why I wanted to go back to that night is that, I want to make things right. I want to have, if not the most beautiful, the dress that I will look and feel beautiful on. Back then, I was not that lucky to find the "perfect dress". I was lacking in time so my mom and I just rushed to the mall to buy a dress three days before. Ha! Imagine my agony lol. So, when I found, I was really excited to look at every dress they have. It feels like I am buying one for myself for my Prom.

At PromTimes, we believe our customers are more than just a transaction. We focus on the way we can win together: inspire our customers and grow our business. This also reflects our mission: to gain each customer's satisfaction. We serve customers from virtually every country in the world , and our goal is to be able to serve everyone worldwide. But our vision won’t change: Dresses, Made Well, Shop Well!

At, we strive to provide our customers with the best products with the best service at the best price.
- PromTimes

The dresses below are my top picks. I know that by "top" there should only be 3-5 pieces but can you blame me? All the dresses are sooooo beautiful! And there are more dresses in store. If only I could include them all here. I just want to have them all. The problem is, I don't have events to go to wear these dresses. Ugh! If only! I am not exaggerating here but I really can't express through words how beautiful the dresses are. Let them speak for you. PS. Click the picture to know more details.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lost Heart

I wish I knew why he left.
 He said he's happy. I saw it in his eyes. His smile when I smile is something. The way he looked at me makes me feel that I'm the most precious thing in the world. Maybe that's enough to made me think that he is happy. Or was happy.
He said, he loves me. And will still love me even if I gain hundreds of pounds or until our hair turns gray. He'll make me smile whenever I am sad. He said he'll carry me if I already feel the pain on my joints as I walk. He said we'll grow old together. That's how much he loves me. I think. And I believed.
He told me he'd do anything for me. He'll take the train and wait for three hours just to see me for an hour. He'll go with me to the mall and carry all the shopping bags. He said he does not mind looking like my personal assistant because just being with me is his dream. And he did. Even if I did not ask him to do all those things, still, he is more than willing to volunteer. Maybe he got tired doing anything for me. Maybe that is why he left me. But when I asked him to come back, he didn't. 
Then it made me think, was it ever real? Or just a story that was meant to be played?
Was there something wrong with me? I bet. He wouldn't have left me if there's nothing wrong with me.
I tried to stop him but there's nothing else I can do. I am left with nothing. Where have they been? All that he left me was empty heart and lost reasons. Then I saw him walking towards me.
He said, he loves me, but he is not happy.
So... it's Valentine's Day. How was it? I hope you like the story written above. To be honest, I don't feel like writing so I'm pretty sure that what I wrote sounds lame (but still hoping it's not). I still can't catch up in updating my blog :( Anyways, Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Dress and Shoes are from River Island

Sunday, January 18, 2015

To the Best Man Who is Waiting for Me

Dear you,

First of all, I would like to apologize for writing a letter to you and it's really a shame to do so but I'll do it anyway.
Don't get me wrong. I know you but you don't know me. It's awkward, I know. But there's a little hope in me that you know me, too. Even just my name or just recognized my face. This is not the first time we've seen each other. I can still remember the last time I saw you in a cafe. You were with a girl. Your girlfriend I supposed. I can see how her eyes shine as she stares at you. You were teasing her and you both laughed hard that made other people looked at you, even me.

The way I see you with your girl is what I wanted to have in my future. I wanted to have what she had with you. I want to spend an evening in a restaurant with my boy, talking about anything under the sun or just staring at each other without saying a word will do. Where I can tell that this is love. True love. A love that will last.

And here I am, standing before my best friend, and there you are, standing beside your best bud. We meet again. You shine bright like a diamond. In the middle of the crowd, you're the one who stands out. Your charm made me smile inside, wishing it's the two of us that will tie the knot. Then I remembered the day I first saw you. You're with a girl and that breaks my heart now.

The Bridesmaid

  What can you say on the letter I wrote? I am not being emotional here. I just wrote what came out in my mind. Haha!  

What is a wedding without a bride (obviously) and what is a bride without a bridesmaid? The wedding will not be complete if there is no bridesmaid. Although I  have watched movies and TV shows who had their weddings without a bridesmaid and a best man, the wedding went on. Still, it wouldn't be complete if the sister of the bride or the bff herself or anyone who is destined (okay the term is a bit exaggerated haha) to be the bridesmaid is not on the list.

Too much wedding posts isn't it? So, this time, bridesmaid dresses uk will have their own exposure here on my blog. I will be sharing some of my picks on Dressestylist's site.

As you can see, I chose dresses in light/pastel colors. I believe pastel colors show the sweetness of a girl. When someone wears something in pastel most of the time, you could tell that that person has a light and sweet personality... and style.

I have always been in-love with anything that is pastel. It feels like I'm up on a cloud whenever I see those colors. Aaah. The feels haha!
I'd love to hear your thoughts or comments on what I wrote up there. I hope you like it, even just for a little :D