Why a Black Dress is a Wardrobe Essential

If you'd ask me to choose between a black and pink dress, I would obviously go for the latter. I've never been a fan of black or any dark-colored pieces. I always go for the light tones, pastel and of course, pink. So back then, I didn't understand why a little black dress is a wardrobe staple. I didn't understand why other ladies have the need to own one or two, until the day I have to wear one.

I have a lot of dresses but when a certain event I'm attending to has a black color-coded theme, I just realized I don't have anything to wear and it stressed the hell out of me 'cause hello, who wants to spend for something you know you don't like and won't use regularly, right? But girl, an LBD is a wardrobe essential. Why?

Three words: sleek, versatile and classic.  

Like this LBD I got from Rosegal. I'm actually surprise at how comfortable it is when worn. Though it's kind of long for me, it's still manageable. I like how the stripes give a shape to my body. 

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How to Dress Like A Korean

Korean fashion is almost everywhere. With the booming K-Pop and of course, Korean dramas, Filipinas have taken their fashion style to the next level.

I must admit, since I watched the Descendants of the Sun, I was totally hooked with Korean fashion. It's very cute, clean, chic and girly. Though this style might be a sore to some, still there are girls who'd like to pull it off and unleash the Korean in them. So, I've listed the basic must-have pieces to help you slay it like a true Korean fashion girl.

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Life Lately

Has been about the past. And I know that's something I (we) should not think of anymore. There have been regrets on what I thought were right decisions and still, some to make, in which my heart couldn't contemplate. Should it be what is right or what makes me happy? 

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Dresslily Cabbie Hat

I'm not sure if you've heard cabbie hat online before but for sure you'll be familiarized with how it looks. When I was a kid, this was a hit ('90s kid here). Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Pussycat dolls, etc. wear these often.

That time, I called it a "French hat" until now. I'm quit surprised that there are still people who wear these kind of hats. I couldn't blame them though, 'cause it's stylish in a sense that would make you standout from a sea of bowler and fedoras. If you want to see more style, just visit Dresslily and indulge yourself.

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