Sunday, May 01, 2016

Coachella Outfit

Coachella has gone by so fast and was the most talked about event these past few days because obviously, who wouldn't want to get the latest dibs there? Most people are interested on the event because of two things: Music and Fashion. To be honest, if I were given the chance to attend Coachella, I'd go there because of the latter part. I wouldn't mind what the lineup is because I'm more excited to dress up. 

Since I'm at the other side of the world, it's impossible for me to get there, well, unless I have loads of moolah. Good thing is, music festivals are saving spots in Manila already. When it comes to music fests, I noticed that most people wear boho and summer-y outfits so now, this is my take on a music festival outfit. 

What I love about this dress is that, its colors are so vibrant, the details and cuts are so bohemian especially when paired with boots and a hat. I love wearing cocktail dresses because it's comfortable and girly. But when I choose a dress, I consider one thing: its versatility. I want a dress which I can wear to different occasions. Who wants to put her money to waste, right? Besides, I'm not like the rich kids of Beverly Hills who buy dresses and throw it away after using it once. So, whenever I buy a dress, I choose the one that can fit both day and night. In that way, I can save money and the environment. Have you heard of H&M's latest campaign? It really made me happy to know that they promote sustainable fashion already! But girl, it's not easy to find one that can be used both during office hours and night outs. Good news is, I found something online! ZALORA's selection of cocktail dresses are always perfect for a night out partying.

Dress and Boots from Forever 21 | Hat from H&M

What's your ideal music fest outfit? Let me know on the comment box below!
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Summer Outfit Ideas 2016

Let's face it, dressing for the summer season can be quite a task. With all the heat that embraces your well-loved skin, typically every woman's summer wardrobe consists of cropped and tank tops, shorts, sundresses and a ton of cute essentials that will give comfort.

Summer is my favorite season. With all the vacation ops, events, and trips lined up this season, who wouldn't get excited getting all dressed up, right? But sometimes, it's really a hustle to pick what to wear. Thankfully, I found Angelica Timas

Angelica Timas is a clothing label that offers its clientele limited collections of luxurious pieces. Each piece is unique and hand-crafted, made in small quantities giving a real exclusive and individual feel. The concept behind the label is “low maintenance, “simple”, and “versatile” fashion. Each collection features edgy yet classic, while the aesthetic is a fusion of asymmetry, minimalism, and color.

Their Spring/Summer Collection was inspired by the colors of Rock Candy” on a trip to Virginia Beach. Angelica's daughter kept asking for a rock candy and the various colors of it gave way to her mood board, hence, the born of her vibrant collection.

“I design primarily for the woman who shares the same traits as Chikke who represents their brand, the versatile woman who is bold, simple, but very elegant and chic trendsetter,” says Angelica Timas

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2016 Wedding Dresses by Cocomelody

The struggle is real when you're planning for the biggest and most-awaited day of your life! It's that time where you and your guy will tie the knot and all of your family and friends will be there to witness it. For ladies, wedding is a dream come true because you get to live your own fairytale for a day. But before you say your I dos and live happily ever after, you will get through a lot of things during the preparation of your wedding.

From the theme of the event to the dress you will wear, you just want to make everything perfect. I'm sure, most ladies dream of wearing designer wedding dresses (okay, who doesn't?) but the problem here is, they are expensive and it's like a shattered fantasy if you have a tight budget. But no worries, Cocomelody is here to help you achieve your dreams.

I've been featuring Cocomelody for several times already because I know that they can help ladies find the perfect wedding dress. They have the most stylish and latest styles to fit your taste. I've included here some of my top picks of wedding dresses 2016:

And by the way, if you really want to save more money, be sure to check out their current sale promo. A great deal is waiting for you!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

To The Girl Who Feels Unsure of Herself


I know it's been hard to be you these days. Your boy just cheated on you. You lost the competition you've been preparing for months. You got rejected from the job interview you've been waiting for. I get you. 

You tried so hard and failed. Yet, you keep trying. And failed again. It's like you keep doing the same things to end up with the same result. But, no. You're trying because you want to get somewhere. I get you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Prom Dresses by Pickedresses

Oh, ladies! It's the season again of Graduation Balls and Proms and I bet you are struggling to decide on what you are going to wear. I know how stressful it is to look for that dreamiest and head-turner dress that you've been wanting to wear ever since. Been there, done that. But girl, relax okay? 'Cause I got you covered. As you read through, you will have an idea on what you should wear to prom. I will share you some of the most stylish and trendiest pieces from Pickedresses.

Pickedresses is an online dress shop that offers a wide variety of high quality chic dresses. But I tell you, these are not the typical dresses you would find. They know what's latest in the market. They know what's in and out. So as a style maven, they are now promoting a different take on your prom outfit. Gone are the days when ball gowns and long dresses rule the trend. These days, ladies prefer short prom dresses over the long and bulky ones because they find it hard to move with them. But with a short length, it will be so much easier for them to walk around... and even dance with their dates. Plus, short dresses tend to show more of your body's shape. So all you have to do is choose a dress, wear it, and flaunt it!

Below are just some of the dresses in their store for you to choose from. I am absolutely in love with the design and the colors, making me want to go back in time and wish I have found these earlier.

To those who opt for a dainty and ethereal look, the three dresses below are just perfect for you. It's hard to pick the prettiest dress here but I'd have to go for the Lilac dress because it's really my style. I love its embroidered details and the color is not too ordinary.

To those who want a shimmering dress and to emphasize their body shape, the four dresses below are for you. I just love how they fit perfectly to the body and show your every asset. These are definitely scene-stealers.

Make sure to visit for more designs and awesome prom dress choices. But I'm warning you, before you go to their site, be sure you have lots of time to spare because you will stay there longer than you think since they have a lot of pretty dresses to choose from!