I'm Slowly Learning to Just Let Things Be

All these years, I have lived a well-planned life. Okay, mostly. I've always had my planner with me, a pen, notebook, notepad or anything that I could use for jotting down.

I want my day to be planned to avoid unfavorable circumstances. I was afraid to make mistakes for having to allow things to flow in many different ways. I want everything to go as planned. Most of the time, I succeed but there times that I don't and it frustrates me. It takes me down. So now, I don't want to force things to happen anymore. I won't try so hard to control my life.

It's not easy but slowly, I'm learning to just let things be. 

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A Little Secret

The wind whispers
you've gained weight.

The birds tell me
you've changed your hair.
I keep mum.

The wind then again whispers
you're seeing someone new,
I tell them I don't care
while listening to them
describe every detail.

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