Weekend Itinerary in Cebu and Bohol

Part of my bucket list is to visit Cebu and Bohol. I've seen beautiful photos of them online and heard good stories about how fun and amazing those places are. So when my mom told me that we'll be going there, imagine how excited I was.

But we couldn't roam the whole city as we only have the weekend to explore because this was quite a spontaneous trip.

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Hang On

It may be hard, but you have to hold on—you'll get there.

Continue to wander the unknown streets for it will take you to some places you didn't expect were truly beautiful. Stay adventurous and explore the uncertainty of life. Then continue to appreciate everything and everyone around you.

Smile, despite the bad days. Storms will come but it will eventually go. Waves will crash and lightnings will flash but it will all subside. Learn how to swim through it all. Be grateful for the people who stand by you through good times and bad; even the people who asked to enter your life but left eventually, for they made you stronger.

Continue to love despite the pain and misunderstandings.

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Wearing Heels While Travelling

Why not?

Okay, it's very obvious that when travelling, a lot of walking and perhaps, running, are included in the itinerary. With heels, you couldn't just roam all day, right? So the best and safest option would be a pair of flats or sneakers.

But sometimes, they ain't stylish enough to rock the ootd you've been planning to post on Instagram. While the above mentioned could really save us, wearing the right pair of heels wouldn't hurt us. Trust me, they're existing because I found one! 

The reason I love these platforms is because I could literally walk all day with them and it feels like I'm not wearing heels at all, no exaggeration involved here. The fact that it's really trendy and comfy, it's a total score already.

I'm not saying the nicest review of the platforms just because this is sponsored but because I really mean it. In fact, this is my second pair already, the exact same heels I had back when I was in college. 

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How to Become a Better You

Growing up, I was always self-conscious to the point that I want to be someone else, to look as good as the pretty girls I see in fresh pages of the magazines. But I was afraid to try a new style. I was so comfortable at how I looked, but deep inside, I know that I want more. My fifteen year-old self thought that I don't want to be just another girl in the room. I wanted to stand out. And that's when I decided to try something new. I tried to change myself.

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