The City Within the Park: Greenfield Unfolds Two Eco-Friendly Residences

One must be surprised if a real estate developer would rather have more greenery than standing properties in his land because most often than not, developers would do everything—evict illegal settlers and cut down the trees—to empty their lands and build the subdivision of their dreams.

But there's one developer that aims to promote not just its properties but also an environmental-friendly community.

"I want to change the character of the development. I want eco-friendly," says Greenfield President and Chairman Jeffrey Campos. He wants more greenery in the 450-hectare Greenfield City in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

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6 Reasons Living on Your Own is the Best

Living alone is quite a luxury these days but having your own place gives you more space and helps you be more independent. That's why I don't wonder why people opt to live on their own.

Real estate experts from Greenfield Development Corporation enumerate the reasons more and more people are becoming homeowners and getting their own place:


Perhaps the most obvious advantage of living on your own is privacy. You can be free to do whatever stuff (legal, we hope) you want to do without anyone judging you. 

If you are the type of person who can focus better in silence, having your own place is a game-changer. Of course, that would mean picking a place that would be in a quiet neighborhood as well. 

There would also be less distractions since you would be living alone. Nobody would nag you to do stuff and you can do chores at your own time.


By living alone, you would basically be forced to do all essential adult stuff on your own. You’ll need to learn:
  • How to wash dishes
  • How to do laundry
  • How to clean a home
  • How to cook meals (besides ramen and other instant food)
  • How not to burn down the home
In addition, you will also need to deal with paying utility bills since you’ll be using water and electricity. These are adult life skills that anyone should really learn in the course of their lifetime.


Probably the coolest thing ever: you will be able to have your friends anytime and however you want. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re totally free to do anything. You should also be responsible about whatever is happening inside your own home. 


The difference between renting and paying monthly for your own home is that the latter means you won’t be spending your money for nothing. Renting is a great temporary option but not suitable in the long run since you are not really investing in the property.

Greenfield Development Corporation has several condominiums nested around the bustling cities of Manila, which makes them great for young professionals who are getting used to living on their own. Two of their most famous condominiums are Zitan and Twin Oaks Place, which are both located in Mandaluyong City.


One of the popular reasons someone would buy a place is for them to be closer to something or someone. Do think about this first very carefully as it is a long-term decision that can be difficult to undo.

The perks of living close to somewhere you need to go often is the reduced time and stress from the commute. You can also save more money by paying less for transportation, which can also include gas if you drive a vehicle.


You will be able to decorate your room however you want it, provided that they are all within the rules of your condominium or property admins. No one will judge you on how many posters you have up on the wall.

Some people also feel more comfortable living alone. You can have the bed all to yourself or sleep wherever you like.

Owning a home is a huge responsibility financially. Make sure that you are guided well by a financial advisor or by a banker. That said, living alone can be a liberating experience which can also push you for more personal growth.

Cherry Blossoms in Seoul Forest

It was a sunny day when I visited Seoul Forest. However, though the sun is up, I couldn't feel it because of the cool breeze touching my skin. For someone who lives in a tropical country, 6°C is already chilly. But heck do I care no more 'cause the skies are clear and the blooms are nothing but beautiful.

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How A Misadventure Took Me to A Better Place

If there's one place in Korea that I'd never get tired of going to, it's Seokchon lake. If you're coming from the city proper like Myeongdong or Dongdaemun, you'd have to take a long commute but I tell you, it's so worth it.

Let me tell you about the day we went to Seokchon lake. It wasn't actually the original plan that day because what's in our agenda was to go to Jinhae Cherry Blossoms Festival but our unmindful selves thought we're scheduled to tour at Nami Island and should assemble at the meeting place by 6am. We arrived on time for the Nami tour but, one hour late on the supposed original tour of the day, thus, we missed it.

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