What to Wear in a Theme Park

Taking outfit of the day photos has been part of our lives, must admit it. And sometimes, we go overboard for the sake of that #ootd. Sure it's really fun and exciting to dress up, but wouldn't the world be happier if your feet are happy, too? 

So, for you not to miss out all the fun, wear something comfortable. It's a theme park, girl. There are crazy rides and long walks waiting for you so what better way to slay them all than go for the tee, shorts, and sneakers combo? You could still be stylish in the simplest way.

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Shop the Trend: Summer in Florals

Dressing for summer is the most fun and exciting thing to do. Because finally, you get to wear those sexy tops that have been hiding in your closet for months. 

There are many wardrobe essentials for the season and on top of the list would be the cropped tops, off-shoulders and spaghetti straps— all things short to beat the heat. But summer wouldn't be complete without the floral prints, right? It's just the perfect season to wear the colorful petals in the streets because the print adds a vibrant and happy mood. 

Aside from the cropped tops, co-ords, rompers, maxi and casual dresses are season must-haves, too. So when I found out about Yoins.com, I instantly fell in-love with their collection! Everything seems comfy and beautiful. 

Yoins has a wide variety of clothing pieces that any fashion girl would love to have in her closet. From the classics to the trendiest pieces, they've got it all for you. Plus, they have great deal offers for you to save when shopping. Sounds great, right? 

F*ART Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

F*Art, short term for Fashion and Art, is a boutique owned by the fashion designer Happy Andrada and her sister Viva Andrada O'Flynn. 

Last June 10, they celebrated a decade of success in fashion and art. They've been in the business for so many years already that people already know who they are. They've been featured in a number of local magazines as you can see below. I'm amused to see a wall like that. 

During the event, there were several performances of local artists, poetry readings, and cultural dances. Seldom times I see a boutique like this. Actually, it's the first I've seen. Though the sisters are based abroad, it's great that they aren't forgetful of their roots. They promote fashion AND art where Filipino culture is everywhere to be found.

If you want to visit their shop, you may go to 24 J. Erestain cor. K-1st St., Kamuning, Quezon city.

Success Mall Launching

On June 14, I was privileged enough to be part of something great; something that will lead me to what we’ve all been aiming for—success.

John Calub was the keynote speaker of the event. I didn’t know him up to that point. He offers his years of street-smart experiences from starting out as an entry-level employee to CEO and President of his own training and coaching company, John Calub Training, Incorporated.

Now, he is expanding his business to the World Wide Web and launched Success Mall. To most of you who’d think that it’s just another online shop, well, it’s not.

Success mall aims to help people save and earn by providing them an online marketplace that gives them cash rebates from the lifetime purchases made by their referred shoppers and at the same time help companies promote their brand and sell their products to a global market faster through free word-of-mouse marketing.

Excited, yet?

Earn while shopping! To know more details, visit this website and register for free

Success Mall Partners

Millennial Pink

I find it quite hilarious to know that there's such thing as "millennial pink" but you know me, when it comes to pink, I take it very seriously.

I'm sure you've seen the color even if you haven't heard of it or didn't know it went by this name. Stylsitas are going crazy over this delightful hue, 'cause why not? From Glossier kits to Acne paper bags, the color is everywhere. So when I saw this moto jacket, I said I shouldn't let go of it. I should take it. So here I am, writing about how I love it! 

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