A Letter to My 22-Year-Old Self

Dear Self,

Take it easy. I know you are going through hard times right now. I'm sure, you are disappointed and sometimes, okay most of the time, feel like a failure and everything is your fault.

But it's not. You are not a failure, in fact, I'm so proud of you for continuing the fight throughout. Though life hasn't given  you what you hoped and hasn't turned out the way you thought it would, you manage to get past through them.

Life hasn't been easy on you lately. What I love about you is that, you were able to build a castle from the rocks thrown at you. You have become the strongest person you could ever been. 

I'm writing to you because I want you to remember that every struggle you face and every tear you shed are worth it, things will get better. And when that time comes, you will be able to look back and see how far you've gone.

Whatever you do, you will always have someone beside you— I've always been. It has always been you and me, always and forever. Now that you've turned a year older today, I'm sure, you will build more castle and reach the rainbow. Trust me, there's more waiting for you out there. 

This is a year of heart break, victory, great opportunities and challenges. Who knows? Next year might be a surprising one. Thanks for standing still. For being the brave timid girl I know. For overcoming all your fears. For taking chances. This year, you did great. Happy birthday!


Hair, please stay still?

Top from Forever21 | Skirt from American Apparel | Shoes from Topshop

Photographs by: Gio Veebar

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Taste the Flavors of the Weather at Xyclone Restobar

Restobars aren't really my thing because number one, I don't drink alcoholic beverages and two, I hate loud, smokey, crowded people. So when Xyclone Restobar invited me to try their food, I had second thoughts because seldom I go to restobars and if I do, I've got no other choice but go for the sake of my previous job. It's always a strange feeling for me to be inside one. Should I go or should I not? I asked myself three times to be exact.

Good thing, I did. Now I'm thanking my adventurous-always-want-to-try-something-new self for taking me there.

The food at Xyclone Restobar appears simple and common but the flavors have remarkable depth. They are known for their striking Filipino dishes like crispy pata and tapang kabayo. Xyclone only started January this year so it's really a surprise that they got the trust of many people that fast. In fact, they have already customers who regularly visit them on Friday nights.

What I really like about Xyclone is that, their food is very affordable than I expected. Their crispy pata is priced at P435.00 and is already good for 3-5 persons. Not bad for a group meal! Just an interesting fact to share especially if you're a fan of Game of Thrones, Conan Stevens ate three sets of crispy pata! That's how good it is.

Crispy pata kare-kare

The tapang kabayo (horse) is also one for the books. This is the dish that I've been most excited about because I heard a lot of good comments on this. I thought, horse's meat is hard to chew but they cooked it very well. Its meat is tender and was just marinated with the right spices. It compliments the taste of the beer, I suppose, because that's what I heard the most.

Tapang horse latitude

And never in my wildest dreams did I ever think of eating an exotic food. I was never a fan of it until I tried their ginataang kuhol (snail with coconut milk).

Ginataang kuhol

Another dish that my taste buds looked forward to is their dust devil chicken. It's basically a fried chicken covered in I suppose a top secret sauce with sesame seeds on top. I can still clearly remember its strong and spicy smell  before the lady  put it on our table. It really left a mark not just on my nostrils but also on my tongue. Seriously, I could eat a whole plate of this by myself. This is a must-try! I also liked their pakbet and tsunami fries. They're all good, I swear!

Dust devil chicken


Tsunami fries

Apart from its food, the place is tidy and well-divided (non-smokers will love this) as their place is separated into two: one is an open area for those who smoke and an air-conditioned room. 

You must be wondering why their restobar is named Xyclone. That's because, one of the owners is the famous Nathaniel Cruz also known as Mang Tani. He is the resident meteorologist of GMA 7, a local television network. To him, managing a restaurant is completely a new thing since he's not into business. 

They just restored the place. It was actually a different restobar where Mang Tani and his friends spent their nights out or their go-to place whenever there's a special occasion. When they found out that the previous management was thinking of taking it down, they thought, why not just restore the place. Lo and behold, Xyclone was born.

More than the food they serve, the memories shared at their place is what they are proud of. I will definitely go back here.

Visit them at #26 Sgt. Esguerra St., Brgy. South Triangle
Quezon City, Philippines

Five-Minute Game with Gamiss

Last Saturday, I had to attend two events and Mr. Sun-ny was not being cooperative. I was worried if I can push through with shooting my "outfit of the day" because the weather literally changed every hour. When the first event was done, my friend and I rushed to catch the sun. It was bright actually, but when we're about to shoot, it's getting darker and the rain started to pour. Just my luck! So we had to shoot as fast as possible for us not to get wet and all messed up for the next event. And guess what, we shot these in less than five minutes! Girl, less than five minutes! I didn't know it's possible and still can't imagine how we pulled it off in a very very veeeery short time.

Thank goodness I wore the right outfit. Imagine, I ran back and forth to check the shots and still had this in place. I didn't think I could do so because the only skirt I can move freely is the flowy kind. I'm so happy I got this perfect top and bottom from Gamiss. It's so easy to move and this pair, so far, is the comfiest clothes I have right now.

Great photo comes with great photobombers ;)

Top and Skirt from Gamiss


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