Tennis-Inspired Outfit

No, I'm not swinging a racket any time soon but I'm sure I'll always reserve a spot in my closet for almost-sportswear pieces.

I admit that sports is far beyond my interests but I have always admired how those athletes look in court slaying the game fashionably. Since I couldn't and ever would wear (I think) a game-ready outfit inside the court, why not just wear them off the court?

In this look, I opted to wear a tennis-inspired outfit with this white pleated skirt, a leather cap, a pair of white sneakers and this uber cute fox shirt from Yoshop.

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How to Make a Good Impression

There are only two things that impression could do: it will make or break you. People's impression of you will become your brand so you better make a good one or else start packing up. 

But how do you make sure that their impression of you is something worth remembering?

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How to Style an Oversized Jacket

Oversized jackets have been taking the center stage for quite a long time already and I don't think they have plans of stepping out any time soon despite the heat of our tropical climate.

I couldn't blame everyone for being so into this trend because they actually look cool. However, the jacket has always been paired with the same pieces— skinny jeans, boots or sneakers. Still, I couldn't blame everyone, even I, am guilty of this way of styling, because they're actually the go-to pieces that's very easy to combine and pull off a rad look.

But if you want to step out of the bandwagon, you got to think of other ways to wear a jacket. In this case, I paired it with an A-line khaki skirt. 

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Going Casual

What could be better than an outfit that’s comfortable and actually stylish? Whether it's a combination of crisp white top and denim shorts or a cotton dress and sneakers, both of them will surely work if you opt for an oh-so simple look.

In this case, I belong to the latter part where a dress and a pair of white sneakers won me. I got this dress at Gamiss and I must say it's really worth the attention. I was able to move freely and comfortably in this dress. This is definitely one of the most wearable outfit I ever had.

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