CASA San Miguel: Home Away from Home

Under the canopy of trees lies a bed and breakfast facility that also functions as a school for young boys and girls, some are fishermen's kids, who play their violins.

This place is called CASA San Miguel, owned by the world renowned violinist Coke Bolipata. It serves as his home and a community center that includes a school for the arts and music, art gallery and museum, cafe and a bed and breakfast facility.

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What to Wear to Disneyland

If you're heading to Disneyland, you're probably wondering what to wear to the happiest place on earth looking stylish without sacrificing comfort. In this article, I will share with you some tips on what you should wear to Disneyland.

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How I Styled My Carrera Sunglasses

They say Hong Kong has the same climate as the Philippines, only in a higher level. If it's hot here, it's hotter there. 

So I made sure before landing in Hong Kong, I'm wearing the right outfit to get me through the day. On our first day, the weather forecast has been accurate—it's more humid there than in Manila. Good thing I wore this red tank top and a high-waist pants to walk comfortably.

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