Thursday, October 08, 2015

Long Sleeve Plus Size Dress at Lowest Price

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This luxurious short dress has sexy angles on the shoulder area, as well as the velvet fabric which gives it a creased look as it captures light to make you look slimmer.

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Monday, October 05, 2015

Angara Jewelry Turns 10

To begin with, I am not really a fan of accessories and anything that jewelry is concerned. But when I saw Angara’s collection, oh boy, my jaw dropped and seldom times that I get fascinated with jewelries. I must say, they have really nice items. Each gemstone represents a certain style and character that is perfect for every woman. With their world-class products, no wonder they will be in the business for 10 years already.

Their success in the business shows that their products are worth your trust. They won’t be celebrating their 10th year if their products are not as good as it should be and if their clients don’t trust them, right? And what struck me the most is, they have been featured in Forbes, Crain's, Women's Wear Daily, Daily Candy, Harvard Business Review and others. Their 10th year is just a proof that what you pay is what you get.

And to celebrate their 10th Anniversary, they have a gift for you! With their Anniversary Sale, they give you a 20% off for their Exclusive Collection.

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Feeling Loved with Landybridal

Love, love, love. Have you ever felt that moment when you really want to shout because of the love and happiness that is overcoming you? Oh, how great it is to fall in love. At the right time. With the right person.

Earlier this afternoon, I watched this series from a local noon time show which we call here in the Philippines as Kalyeserye. The series revolves on the love story of a guy named Alden and the girl known as Yaya Dub. If you're from the Philippines, you would totally get me why I feel so kilig every time I see them. The show reminds us that when it comes to love, we should take it slow and wait for the right time. Here, the not-so-antagonist, Lola ni Dora, keeps on making challenges to the loveteam to test how true their love for each other is.

All they want is a happy ever after.

Just like all the couples who will soon meet at the altar and promise to God that in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, 'til death do they part. Oh, weddings.

Whenever I encounter a topic about weddings, I always look forward to what the bride has worn or will wear. Because of that, I became familiar to different designs so I can tell already what could possibly be the trend of wedding dresses 2016.

Seeing numerous styles of gowns in a wedding, I can see that lace wedding dresses could totally top the list any time soon! Well, why not? Its classic and sophisticated look surely catches every bride's taste. Then I found out that Landybridal has the stylish and glamorous designs of wedding dresses which a girl could ask for.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Perfect Wedding with Cocomelody

Honey, I promise to give you the freedom to be a successful girl...
But know this, in this journey, I will hold your hand. I will always be there.
So don't be afraid to follow your dreams and all the sacrifices you've made.

This is one of the most touching and sincere vows I've heard. Oh weddings. I never get tired of watching wedding videos. Every time I get to see one, I also get to hear new stories of two persons who are truly, madly, and deeply in love with each other. I feel like I'm in a new place. A place where everything seems so perfect.

As a fan of fairy-tales, I've always dreamed of being a princess but, I know I won't be. Well, perhaps in the arms of my future husband (cheesy haha). Okay, stop this cheesiness and let's get serious here, okay? If you ask me what kind of wedding I'd like to have, I would say that it would be a garden or a beach wedding. Why not? I think the ambiance adds sweetness to that special event, isn't it? Whenever I see such weddings, I can't help but let my romantic side out. And since weddings in the sand are the trends now, maybe this is the perfect time to share with you some beach wedding dresses I found in Cocomelody.

Cocomelody has a wide variety of designs to choose from. One design I also admired from them is their long sleeve wedding dresses. I love how trendy they are and most brides today, opt for this style. Click the photos to know more details of the dress.

And there's more! With their low-priced dresses comes with a discount. Cocomelody has an ongoing SALE now! Check out their sit for details. Happy shopping! ♥

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Girl Meets World

They say, when you start working straight from college (I mean really straight), everything will go on and on and on... and on. You will not gonna experience so many things that your college buddies who chose to take a time off first before working. 

That sun-kissed tan from the beach... that DIY workshop you've been wanting to attend to... that "me time" somewhere while reading a good book... or those days spending for your blog. Oh man, you're gonna miss these so bad.

When I was in college, I had the urge in my vein to work already after I stepped on that center stage. And fortunately, I was offered immediately, even before I graduate, to work in a prestigious company that everybody (okay, most) in my field dreams of.

On my first day, I was this excited girl who can't wait to see her own desk and meet new people from a not-so-strange environment. First few weeks has gone by so fast. But the succeeding weeks, the demanding schedule and tasks followed me. I realized, what people keeps saying about working after college is true. Once you're trapped in your chair and computer, you no longer have the time to do the things you want like before. No time excuse has become my usual line whenever I'm asked to hang out.
Heck it's hard to work.

I've been in this stage where I really want to stop for a moment and... go home. Every time I tell this to people, they always advise me to take a break. It sounds easy but it's really hard to do. Knowing that our schedule should be flexible and we're not tied to a strict Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM, our work really demands us to be in the office 24/7. I am not overreacting. Literally, 24/7. And I know that. Life in Media is very demanding and most of the time, exhausting. #TheTruthAboutOurWork

Although it's not easy for me to juggle every single day away from my family and the things I love, at the end of the day, there is something that is pulling me to stay still. My dreams. My goals.

Whenever I feel down and unmotivated, I always keep myself thinking what led me here and followed by why am I here. My dreams and goals keep me going through that tiny hole of the needle. And even if it's really hard, I have to be strong and positive to keep going.

I have to work hard to play hard. I know it's hard at first but eventually, everything will pay off.
No one made a difference by staying in their comfort zone.

The girl once said hi to the world,
It asked her,
Was it nice to meet me?
She answered,
Of course! I'm so glad to meet you!