Thursday, February 11, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Need this Waterproof Skirt in Your Closet

Whether it's a midi or a maxi, you should always make a space for a skirt in your wardrobe. Like other closet staples, skirt is just as important as your jeans or your white tee as it shows femininity and class. But whenever you're thinking of wearing a skirt to an event, office, or even on a date, countless concerns come across your mind already— the struggle to commute and the possible stains you could get from too much eating (I feel you on this, girl) which leads you to be noticed in a bad way. Yikes! So much for a first impression.

That is why, the New York-based fashion brand Eros & Psyche thought of designing a skirt that would perfectly take every girl's concerns away. Hence, they came up with a waterproof skirt. And so, I list down the reasons why you need this skirt in your closet.

1. It has a timeless design.

2. It is a work of art.
Literally! Each skirt is designed the traditional way, meaning, they are uniquely hand-drawn and hand-sewn.

3. Its fabric is smooth and durable enough to last.

4. It has deep side pockets!
For me, this is really a plus point because I don't like carrying a bulgy purse every time I go out. Seldom I see skirts with deep pockets and for a girl who loves wearing skirts, this perk will give them less hassle. With this, I could just carry my phone and purse in my skirt.
Great job, Eros & Psyche!

5. And lastly, it's waterproof.
As I've mentioned above, their skirts are waterproof. And who wouldn't want to have a waterproof and stain resistant skirt, right? That just means, you can just wipe it off and pretend that nothing happened. You don't have to worry, even if you're on your period.

Wearing a skirt is now easier and functional. You can be one of the lucky first few who can get these skirts. Click this to know more!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dreaming to Become More Beautiful

One of the best things that could ever happen in one's life is finding the dream and achieves it.

For some women, dreaming to have an exceptional beauty is mostly in their minds. They want to look good. Perhaps, better than how they look today. But why? Some may ask, aren't they contented of how they look? Sometimes, it isn't the case. Yes, being contented is our key to happiness but in some instances, women who aspire to look better just want to feel better. They want to gain more confidence. They want others to see how beautiful they are. And sometimes, a woman's perception to beauty is drawn by her hair. Most often than not, our hair really makes us women feel and look beautiful. As what the saying goes, the hair is our crowning glory.

And what more to make our hair look good is by taking good care of it. If you know that you have a dry hair, condition it. If you don't like your new haircut, try wearing extensions (check out these wholesale hair extensions) or curl them to add style. If you are feeling more adventurous and want to try a new look, try wearing wigs with different styles. Okay, I know some of you might raise an eyebrow for the last tip that I said. I completely understand because I, too, don't want to wear a wig because of its heavy weight and weird look. But lucky you, finding your dream is easier! With wigs that have natural hair in it, it will surely look like your natural hair when worn. Don't miss the chance to see the wholesale human hair. Concerned with its price? Don't worry because this shop offers wholesale hair for you!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Maybe One Day

Maybe one day,
You'll find a way
To let the pain in your chest,
Begging you to escape,
Be heard just once.

Maybe one night,
You'll find the light
in the path you're taking now.
The path you chose
Yet so unsure.

And maybe one day,
You'll realize,
That you made the right choice.
Just maybe.

Here I am having ate night thoughts, again. How about you? What are you thinking of right now? :)

Top and Pants from Forever21

Sunday, December 27, 2015

What Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach, Taught Me

After more than four decades of waiting, the Philippines has come to reach its most coveted victory in the Universe. It's been a week already since Pia Wurtzbach was crowned as the Miss Universe 2015 yet, most of us are still not over with it.

It took her three attempts to bring home the crown that every beauty queen is aspiring for. From her first try to join the Binibining Pilipinas in 2013, she ended up as the first runner up while on her second try in 2014, she went home with nothing. But this year, Pia proved that third time's a charm because she bagged the title Binibining Pilipinas-Universe. Meaning, she will represent the country in the most prestigious beauty pageant in the universe.

Knowing her story, I realized something. Successful people are the ones who know what they want and do something about it. For Pia, she wanted the crown so bad that it didn't stop her to chase her ultimate dream. Look at where she is now, the elusive crown is on her already. Because of her good example, she has inspired many people. And I have to admit that, I am, too. With her journey to victory, she taught me some things:

1. Never settle for something good. Go for the better. The best, rather. I've always believed in this and keep on telling to the people who think that I dream too big: Mangangarap ka na lang din naman, bakit hindi mo pa taasan? I don't see the point of success if you're out there with the "good" when you know you can have better.

2. It's okay to fail sometimes. And I mean it. Everybody fails, though some are afraid to admit it. Failure is inevitable and there's nothing you can do to change that except to embrace it. Some people lose hope and become unmotivated when failure blocks them. But guess what, the more you fail, the stronger you get. Don't fret if you've failed many times already because it just makes success that much sweeter. To succeed after multiple failure is one of the best feelings in the world. You'll feel a great sense of satisfaction because you know that everything you went through was all worth it.
3. Don't ever stop, because the moment you stop trying, that's the moment you failed. There's nothing wrong with trying and trying and trying all over again. Your road to success will not be easy as one, two, three and it will never be. So what if they tell you that you're trying hard? Let them and be it. Try hard because you want it so bad. At the end of the day, everything you've worked for will pay off.
4. Be confidently beautiful with a heart. Show the world what you can do. Be proud but not arrogant. Just like Pia, being confidently beautiful with a heart will win you so many things and your dream is part of it.

Have a great week ahead! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cocktail Dresses for the Holidays

It's the time of the year again where parties are everywhere. Because it's December already and Christmas is just around the corner, I'm pretty sure that you are in need of time to rush to the mall to buy gifts and a beautiful dress for the Christmas party that you've been waiting for. But isn't it a hassle to jump in a pool of people having the same dilemma as yours? This is the season to be jolly, right? Not the season to be stressed.

But, it's more hassle when you run to the mall without knowing what to buy. So, here I am, sharing with you some of the best styles of dresses to wear in a party this Holiday season.

A-Line or One-Shoulder Dress. If you're the conservative kind of girl and wants to party comfortably, choose this kind of dress. This does not show too much of you but lets you party in style and gives you the comfort you want.
Bodycon Dress. Girls who are more adventurous in fashion and want to emphasize their figures opt for this style. A bodycon dress is perfectly fit to your body and make you look sexier. I'm sure, this dress is a head-turner!
Shining, shimmering, splendid! What's a party without the glitter? Come on! If you really want to stand out in the crowd, you better wear something that will let you shine (literally and figuratively). Isn't this dress such a beauty?
These dresses might look expensive but trust me, they're more affordable than you think they are! In fact, you can buy a dress at PromTimes UK under $50! So, what are you waiting for? Instead of rushing to the mall, go to their website and with few clicks away, you'll have your dress already! :)