Life Lately

Has been about the past. And I know that's something I (we) should not think of anymore. There have been regrets on what I thought were right decisions and still, some to make, in which my heart couldn't contemplate. Should it be what is right or what makes me happy? 

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Dresslily Cabbie Hat

I'm not sure if you've heard cabbie hat online before but for sure you'll be familiarized with how it looks. When I was a kid, this was a hit ('90s kid here). Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Pussycat dolls, etc. wear these often.

That time, I called it a "French hat" until now. I'm quit surprised that there are still people who wear these kind of hats. I couldn't blame them though, 'cause it's stylish in a sense that would make you standout from a sea of bowler and fedoras. If you want to see more style, just visit Dresslily and indulge yourself.

Here's Why It's Okay to Fail

While I constantly preach about failures being part of success, I'm sure that doesn't lessen the agony when dealing with it. But what I want is for you to feel at ease even in the smallest way possible. Because failure sucks, often times we hardly realize that there's also some goodness lying behind it.

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Shop the Trend: Korean Fashion

Annyeong! Since K-dramas are all over here, I'm inspired to do a post on Korean fashion. Their style mostly rely on either cropped or over-sized tops and pair them with button down skirts. Cute is the perfect way to describe K-fashion.

So on this post, I'll round up a list of must-haves to pull off a Korean fashion. 

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