Moon Shop PH Will be Your Next Best Friend

With the fashion industry growing quickly, there could have been too many online shops that are competing already. But because trends are evolving fast, these shops have to adapt to it for them to keep their loyal customers and gain new shoppers every now and then.

Moon Shop PH is just one among the online shops that keep their store updated on the latest styles. The shop always put its best foot forward to be on trend and keep their name running towards the line of sartorial industry. It was just two years ago when Moon Shop UAE was first launched in Dubai but they already tasted success with over 3,000 customers worldwide so, they decided to take things to the next level.

75-80% of their customers are Filipinos. Because of this, they launched another site in the Philippines after having a number of inquiries on when they will be launched in the country, hence, Moon Shop PH was born.

So, how are they different from other online shops?

Glad you asked, my friend.

All their products are designed and manufactured in Korea and/or Vietnam. For them, it’s very important to let their audience know that they are not selling Chinese products, that’s why their pieces are quite expensive. But they assure their customers that they get what they pay for. The price though a bit higher, is not that far from their competitors' price range. What sets them apart is that, everything they sell is of good quality.

Here's what they have for you in store:

In their list of must-have clothes, all the picks are crafted in a very chic and sleek style, perfect for every lady's taste. For casual and party nights, for office attire and other special occasions, they've got you covered!

Casual Outfit

Evening Attire

Office Dresses


What's in it for me, then?

The deal is, they offer free delivery nationwide for orders 1,500 pesos and above. They also have a strict refund policy where the customers get a full refund, free of any hidden charges if they don't get exactly what they promote. And the best thing here is, it has never happened to Moon Shop before. So more people are trusting them and they give their customers a great confidence. As the saying goes, what you see is what you get.

After their successful launch in the Philippines, Moon Shop is planning to expand in other parts of Asia— Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Check out their website here. ♥

GIVEAWAY: Dresslily Halloween Special (CLOSED)

Hi, guys! Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than score new stuffs, right? So, I'm hosting a mini giveaway courtesy of Dessslily. This is open internationally!

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Homecoming Dresses 2016 by Dressthat

Fall is the season where everyone's excited to dress up with earth-tone clothes and chic boots to grace the street. It involves a lot of cozy outerwear and bed weather but more than that, there's another thing to look forward to this season— homecoming parties.

Girls get way over excited when homecoming is just around the corner. Some of them had already planned what they'll wear on the event. But if you belong to the no time to shop 'cause school sched is hectic group, then your resort is to look for homecoming dresses online. So to help you search for the next big thing a.k.a. your dress, I've rounded up a list that might interest you. All of these came from Dressthat.

Dressthat creates each of its design into a combination of culture and art in an open-minded manner, and show the world the unique charm and verve of modern women. With following the new trend of dress design at world level, Dressthat design is positioned to display women’s elegance and grace to the greatest extent.

For more details, check out Dressthat's website.

My Thoughts on RoseGal

With all the piles of imaginary work I have, it's quite a surprise for me to be able to publish another post here. Add to that, I've got limited time to do the things I enjoy the most and binge into my bi-monthly routine a.k.a. shopping. Good thing, the Internet got my back and reminded me that online shopping is my best option. 

I'm pretty much a pro when it comes to that. I've seen many shops already; some are nice and some are not. Basically, I'm the one my friends run to when they want to shop online. They trust me enough to listen to my thoughts on every shop they mention *insert a slight grin here* I know what and not to recommend. I'm very particular with the shops I choose especially if I'm looking for a certain clothing. Of course, I'd rather stick to the website that has a clean layout and has helping tabs to make my shopping experience fast and easy. Just like RoseGal. Actually, I got this blue round neck dress from them. 

I have three words for you: fast, fun, and easy. Those sum up my shopping experience at RoseGal. What I like the most in their site is that they know their target market very well. Their site's look is much of a feast for a girly girl because of the rosy pink and butterfly accents there. And to be honest, I had a hard time choosing what to buy because they've got pretty much in store!

You see, it's really exciting to shop here because aside from the wide variety of clothing they have, it also comes with low prices. I know you'll enjoy shopping here as much as shopping in malls. 

What do you think of my look?
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Pastel Prom Dresses from Sherry London

If you've been following my instagram, you will notice that it's mostly dominated by pastel colors as I'm very much in-love with them, especially pink. Every time I go shopping, the first thing I look for is a pink piece, if I haven't found something that I feel like wearing, I'd dig in to different pastel colors. And whenever I see prom dresses in those shades, I'm drooling like a puppy waiting for his breakfast. I want to buy them but I can't 'cause prom season is way over for my age. Besides, it's too expensive for me just to stock it in my closet. If only prom dresses 2016 existed during my high school days, I would definitely spend every penny on them.

Good thing, Sherry London has a wide variety of cheap prom dresses perfect for your tight budget. Though cheap at price, they  make sure that what they give their clients is the best of its quality. They have been producing prom dresses uk since 2007 with only the finest and highest quality materials to meet your needs. 

When I saw their shop, first thing that welcomed me was a pool of pastel gowns and just by that, I didn't notice that I was already at the eighth page. It was a feast to my eyes. From long to short prom dresses, they have it all. 

And if you're the one to look for edgy and strong colors, they also have black prom dresses and red prom dresses. Since they know you very well, they've got different styles to match your preferences. They make sure that their collection will meet every girl's need.

Which one is your favorite? :)

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