December 7, 2019 Cebu, Philippines

I Have Stretch Marks and I love It

Oftentimes, the photos we see online are either enhanced a little or deeply retouched especially when it comes to editorial magazines. So people need to realize that it is not always what it seems online and in glossy magazines.

Good thing, with the fashion industry inching towards representation of diversity, more brands and public figures have been embracing the authenticity of beauty.

Perhaps some would think that posting these photos takes a lot of courage because of my tiger stripes but to me, it's just another beach photo. I've never been ashamed of my stretch marks.

They may not be too appealing to others but to me, stretch marks are beautiful and it represents the truth. There's authenticity. Let's stop thinking about the "standards" of beauty and just learn to love your lines and your self completely.

Photos by Hendrix Vargas


  1. You look beautiful and things society sees as imperfections, I find beautiful x

  2. Wonderful photos and interesting post dear!

  3. Wow! You look absolutely gorgeous!
    Happy new year dear

  4. You look lovely and your stretch marks are so hard to see - I missed them at first! :) It just shows you we can focus on things others barely notice! :)

    Hope that you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! :) We will be having a quiet one.

    Away From Blue

  5. Pretty nice =) Thanks a lot.

    I have strech marks too but I hate them :D They reminds me that I was very lazy for some years :D

    1. Same feels but I learned to love them. It's a good thing that these days, people see imperfections as a great asset and beauty :)

  6. You look beautiful in these photos and I don't even see imperfections :)

  7. Hi! I wrote you a message about possible collaboration, did you get it?