November 24, 2019

Here's Why Every Girl Needs A Bodysuit

Ever wondered why models' tops are sleek and tucked in seamlessly, while yours are loosely? Their secret is wearing a bodysuit!

What is a bodysuit?

Bodysuits are one-piece garments, similar to a leotard or one-piece swimsuit, that come in a range of styles—from long-sleeved to spaghetti strapped and skintight. It is an instant body shaper for women. Usually, there are small snaps at the crotch of the bodysuit to keep it secure, but some bodysuits function more like a one-piece swimsuit with no snaps.

So why would you want to wear one?

Because they are absolutely chic and classy! They function as any shirt would (except a crop top), but have the added benefit of tucking in seamlessly to whatever bottoms you choose to pair it with. Most bodysuits also provide tension from the shoulders to the crotch to help play up your curves. 

When dressing up especially for a professional outfit, bodysuit is a great option to keep your look sleek and tucked in all day. Their close-to-the-body silhouette also makes them perfect for layering under blazers and jackets. 

But some women don't like to wear bodysuits because it's very hassling to wear especially when going to the restroom. These types of bodysuit are the ones like one-piece bathing suits. Sure, they look fit and sexy when worn but when there's the call of nature, it really takes time to take them off and wearing them again. However, there are other types of bodysuits that have snaps on the crotch part. These are easier to wear.

Where to get one?

There are many undergarments shops where you can get bodysuits but if you're too busy to get out of the house, perhaps you could check out Cosmolle Shapewear. It is an online shop that sells bodysuits and best shapewear shorts for women of all sizes. 

Whether you are petite, plus-size or anywhere in between, they've got you covered with their amazing fits and styles.

While other brands claim to shape or control, Cosmolle's focus has always been to enhance a woman’s body and not to squeeze it uncomfortably.

Cosmolle began with the idea that every woman deserves to be comfortable, look good, and feel confident every day. The most important part of what they do is empowering women to embrace their curves and be comfortable.