January 11, 2015

Liverpool Wedding Dresses

Wedding. Wedding. Wedding. And more weddings. Lately, I have been posting a lot of wedding gowns on my blog. Can you blame me? The dresses I found from Dressestylist are too beautiful not to share, right? Like what couples wished on their weddings, I hope you will stick with me 'til the end.

Now let us talk about the Liverpool Wedding Dresses. If you are from Liverpool, looking for wedding dresses will be much easier for you because Dressestylist has everything you need. And what you want. With such affordable prices come with beautiful designs that look like created by the big names in the fashion industry. If you were to ask me, I would not really post like this if I don't find the site worthy of my trust. So what I am sharing with you really fascinates me because the designs are really beautiful. And I believe that having a beautiful gown does not always mean you have to spend too much. Most of the time, the beautiful things come at a priceless and less price. Did I make my point here?

If you can't seem to find interest in what I am saying here, then let these gowns do the talking.

For the bride who opts for simplicity and elegance on her wedding day, the gown above is perfect for you. I really love how plain and simple the dress is. Although it does not have too much design on it, the gown still looks beautiful and classy. I really go for classy styles. And also, its simplicity will draw more attention to you. Wouldn't you like that? The attention is on you and not on the gown? Not that I'm saying the gown is not good to look at but hey, let's face it when someone wears a very beautiful and over-designed dress, the tendency is that, people will likely look and praise your dress more than you. You don't want that to happen, right?

And for the bride who wants a more feminine style, this gown calls for you. With its beautifully embellished details on top and gorgeous folds on the bottom, it will unleash your girly side. I know some of you would really prefer this dress because it is very feminine and the details are so cute, right? Right? When I saw this gown, the first thing that came to my mind was a dreamy wedding. I feel like when someone wears this, it'll be on a garden or the setting will be so dreamy and full of romantic lights. I can already see it. So beautiful!

So what are you waiting for? Check out their store now! :)


  1. Ahhh these dresses are so gorgeous! Can;t wait till i get engaged in the future I will literally be wedding dress shopping the day after the proposal! It seems so exciting!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Haha I'll wait for your wedding and tell me about it okay? :)

  2. I love this dress!!
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  3. You can tell you are a writer!
    Enjoyed reading this post.

    Jennifer Jayne xx