September 27, 2015

Feeling Loved with Landybridal

Love, love, love. Have you ever felt that moment when you really want to shout because of the love and happiness that is overcoming you? Oh, how great it is to fall in love. At the right time. With the right person.

Earlier this afternoon, I watched this series from a local noon time show which we call here in the Philippines as Kalyeserye. The series revolves on the love story of a guy named Alden and the girl known as Yaya Dub. If you're from the Philippines, you would totally get me why I feel so kilig every time I see them. The show reminds us that when it comes to love, we should take it slow and wait for the right time. Here, the not-so-antagonist, Lola ni Dora, keeps on making challenges to the loveteam to test how true their love for each other is.

All they want is a happy ever after.

Just like all the couples who will soon meet at the altar and promise to God that in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, 'til death do they part. Oh, weddings.

Whenever I encounter a topic about weddings, I always look forward to what the bride has worn or will wear. Because of that, I became familiar with different designs so I can tell already what could possibly be the trend of wedding dresses 2016.

Seeing numerous styles of gowns in a wedding, I can see that lace wedding dresses could totally top the list any time soon! Well, why not? Its classic and sophisticated look surely catches every bride's taste. Then I found out that Landybridal has stylish and glamorous designs of wedding dresses which a girl could ask for.


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