June 22, 2017

Success Mall Launching

On June 14, I was privileged enough to be part of something great; something that will lead me to what we’ve all been aiming for—success.

John Calub was the keynote speaker of the event. I didn’t know him up to that point. He offers his years of street-smart experiences from starting out as an entry-level employee to CEO and President of his own training and coaching company, John Calub Training, Incorporated.

Now, he is expanding his business to the World Wide Web and launched Success Mall. To most of you who’d think that it’s just another online shop, well, it’s not.

Success mall aims to help people save and earn by providing them an online marketplace that gives them cash rebates from the lifetime purchases made by their referred shoppers and at the same time help companies promote their brand and sell their products to a global market faster through free word-of-mouse marketing.

Excited, yet?

Earn while shopping! To know more details, visit this website and register for free

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