August 27, 2018

Curing Those Rainy Season Blues Through Fashion

Take a look out the window and one thing is for certain—the dreaded rainy season is here in Manila (Uh-oh). However, as the rain greets us with a gloomy downpour, fashion never stops for true fashion girls. Looking stylish and sleek while keeping your outfit weather-ready is a discipline that can be learned and perfected over time. Some may wonder how looking waterproof can ever achieve très chic with bulky layers, well you’re in luck as we have 5 have surefire ways to cure rainy season blues through style and fashion.

1. Choose a flattering rain jacket

The classic waterproof outerwear has always had a negative reputation for being unflattering when it comes to almost any outfit. There’s a science to choosing the right cut and fit with rain jackets. Choose an inner top with the same color as your rain jacket­—this will mold both pieces together and make the synergy look easy and seamless. BNY Jeans published an article on some jackets perfect for the rainy season, these include bomber jackets, hoodies, and denim jackets for both men and women.

2. Invest in edgy combat boots

Take on rain-soaked streets with no fear by choosing the right pair of rain boots. Toughen-up the look with a pair of ankle or knee-length rain boots in neutral colors. When going for an easy and casual #OOTD, More writer Katelyn Cheek suggests a striped top and khaki-colored mini skirt mix perfectly with plain black boots and a cognac bag. Wear your hair down and be ready to jump into puddles in all your fashion-forward glory.

3. Top your look with a bucket hat

Teen Vogue shares that you can never go wrong with a classic black bucket hat especially during the rainy season. A bucket hat can give your overall #OOTD a more youthful look and gives a quirkiness to gloomy rainy day blues. Pair this accessory with an oversized sweater, a denim mini, and black combat boots.

4. Slip on interesting socks with your boots

An added layer of socks can warm your toes nicely for those cold rainy nights. However, be careful with choosing socks that might make your legs look stumpy and stiff. Babble shares that you should opt for more neutral colors like black, navy, olive green, or gray, and only let a few inches of them show from your boots.

5. Pick slim-fit pants with your bulky outerwear

Manila’s climate has always been erratic in nature. During those humid days with a bit of rain, wear skinny jeans to keep your legs dry without suffocating them with thick fabric. Should you get caught in the rain with skinnies on, worry no more as these pants are usually made with flimsy material allowing quick drying while looking fabulous.

When it’s raining cats and dogs, don’t be discouraged to dress up with the fear of getting soaked. Waterproof your outfit with chic finds and pieces that will warm you for the days to come. Fashion dilemmas are not uncommon and happen to just about everybody. To find easy solutions, check out our post on fashion dilemmas here on Cielo Fernando.


  1. I always want to try wearing combat boots, but not really sure still because of my figure , lol :)
    Nice tips anyway Cielo <3


    1. Combat boots look good on everyone. They're very stylish and comfy! :)

  2. I love this post ! i follow you :D