February 1, 2022 Siargao Island, Philippines

12 Must-Visit Siargao Tourist Spots That Will Make You Fall Deeply In-Love with the Island

Although Siargao is known as one of the best surfing meccas in the world, the island is also home to many beautiful Siargao tourist spots that never fail to captivate its visitors. From pristine beaches, thrilling caves and pools, to fun and interesting food spots and friendly locals, name it and Siargao has you covered!

This teardrop-shaped island has remained unspoiled despite the influx of tourists and new infrastructures in recent years. It has been enchanting visitors because of its welcoming vibe and easy island lifestyle. Plus, there’s a lot of activities to keep you busy for days.

If you’re planning to travel there, I’ve rounded up the best places to visit in Siargao.


Dubbed as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines,” Siargao takes pride for its stunning tourist destinations including the world-famous surfing spot Cloud 9. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Siargao thanks to its sensational waves and awesome location that boasts of the best views of sunrise and sunset. The waves here are perfect for surfing so don’t get too surprised if this place gets a bit crowded. 

cloud 9 Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando


Magpupungko Rock Pool is an ideal spot for cliff jumping, swimming, and ofc photoshoots. From General Luna, where most of the tourist accommodations are, Magpupungko Rock Pool is just a 45-minute motorbike ride. Its formation is unbelievably beautiful but there is a catch though! On some days, this Siargao tourist spot is closed to tourists so be sure to check before you make the trip there. And before going to Magpupungko, make sure about your preferred time of visit because the area gives unique experiences during the low tide and high tide. If you’ve only got few days to spare on the island, be sure not to miss Magpupungko Rock Pools in your Siargao itinerary. And oh by the way, Magpupungko Rock Pool tends to get crowded and only accessible during low tide so plan your visit well.

magpupungko rock pool Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando
Photo from instagram.com/thesiargaoisland


If Naked Island is completely bare, Guyam Island offers a totally different setting yet equally scenic. This Siargao tourist destination is surrounded by a lush clump of vegetation. Guyam Island is uninhabited except for the island’s caretakers. It has two sides—the rocky beach and the sandy beach, both are very instagrammable. There are many coconut trees in this Siargao tourist spot where you can let yourself get lost in the moment. There are few huts available on the beach so you can just chill out and enjoy your solitude. 

guyam island Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando


Naked Island, as the name suggests, has nothing but white sand and azure waters surrounding it. This tourist destination in Siargao has no shades and facilities, only locals and tourists who enjoy the picturesque view of the island. Naked Island may be bare but it is surrounded with serenity and beauty that just by looking at it will have you speechless.

nake disland Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando
naked island Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando
naked island Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando


Daku Island is mostly the place where tourists are brought to by guides for lunch. You can indulge yourself into a sumptuous meal that includes the freshest seafood and refreshing buko juice.

Your local Siargao guide will help you find the best cook on the island and enjoy it on a boodle fight! And unlike the other two beaches mentioned above, there are a lot more things to do in Daku Island from kayaking to fishing.

daku island Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando
Photo from instagram.com/iradeniseoyco


This Siargao tourist spot is located at the town of Del Carmen. It is about a two-hour drive from General Luna. You can explore the lagoon by canoes, bamboo rafts, paddle boards and by snorkeling.

sugba lagoon Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando
Photo from instagram.com/gotmarked


They say you’re never in Siargao if you don’t visit the Coconut Road. This place has a really good view of perfectly-lined coconut trees on both sides of the street.

coconut road Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando
coconut road Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando


This Siargao tourist destination will have you amazed at the scenic view of the thousands of coconut trees, hence the monicker "Coconut Island." Coconut Island is just along the road so you can pose at the side with the coconut trees at your back.

COCONUT ISLAND Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando


After seeing the Coconut Island and Coconut Road, you shouldn’t also miss the bent coconut tree in Maasin River. The most interesting part here is that, you can swing back and forth from the rope attached to the tree and let yourself plunge in about 6ft. deep water.

MAASIN RIVER Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando


When in Siargao, tourists never miss this cafe by the beach because one, they serve healthy, refreshing and yummy smoothie bowls and two, they are located by the beach so you can enjoy your treat with a great view of the sunset. And oh, did I mention they're just so Instagrammable so you wouldn't help yourself from taking lots of photos! Road to #feedgoals it is.

Shaka Cafe Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando
Shaka Cafe Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando


This small Siargao cafe is just along the road of General Luna, and is something you shouldn't miss. Yeah Yeah Cupsicles is an ice cream shop and a bar at the same time. It's the same area as the Fat Lips store. 

You should try their ice cream on cups. They won't give you a spoon though. So, how are you gonna eat it? Simple, just rub the cup with your both hands until the ice cream pops up and there, eat it like a kid. The banana and chocolate flavors are the best!

yeah yeah cupsicles Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando
Siargao tourist spots cielo fernando
Siargao tourist spots


Jacking Horse Siargao got its name because of the way the waves that jack at the peak, smashing into the reef. The place is best surfed between mid to high tide. The waves are manageable for those trying to balance and get their timing right that’s why this is perfect for beginners. 

There’s nowhere quite like Siargao. It’s the kind of place where you can do nothing but to relax; a place where you can find serenity… and love.

It’s not difficult to see why Siargao was named as the best island in Asia according to Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.



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