December 29, 2022

Upcycling in Fashion: Here’s Where to Buy Eco-Friendly Dresses in the Philippines

Creating new clothes out of old materials is taking the spotlight in the fashion scene today but it is not actually a new fashion concept. Back in the day, many women have already repurposed katsa (flour sack) into other useful home and fashion pieces — tote bags, potholders, hats, and now, dresses. 

cielo fernando wearing a flour sack katsa dress | upcycling in fashion

Ara Pilak is one of the many sustainable fashion brands that are gaining popularity these days. Like many eco-friendly fashion stores in the Philippines, Ara Pilak utilizes used flour sacks, chops them into panels, and pieces them together to make recycled yet wearable clothing. But what sets this shop apart from others is that Ara Pilak has its own signature design that you’d definitely 

It’s crazy how creative people’s minds are. And it’s crazier how resourceful we can be. Imagine making use of whatever is available for making fashion pieces that lets the wearer stand out without hurting the pocket, and most importantly, the environment.

cielo fernando wearing an eco-friendly dress | upcycling in fashion
cielo fernando wearing an eco-friendly dress | upcycling in fashion

With the continuous rise of sustainable fashion brands, it is not going to be surprising anymore that upcycling in fashion will be the new normal.  



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  1. ahhh thanks for sharing this! i am obsessed with flour sack pieces :")

    xoxo, rae