A Letter For You

Sunday, January 08, 2012

It’s been a long time since I call on You. And I’m sorry for that. I have been busy these days. I forgot to visit Your house just because of school works and happy hours. Sorry if I broke my promises again.
I’m sorry if at some time, I forgot to thank You for what You are giving me.
I send this message because I need help from You. I’ve been problematic in these past few months. Some of my quizzes were failed, getting left behind, getting my heart broken, being lied upon, and thinking my family problems. What can I do about these things? Honestly, I don’t have any idea that can help to solve my problems that’s why I called on You. Please help me. Don’t leave me like they did. I need someone to talk to. I need shoulders to cry on. Please help me. This is a letter for You God.

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