April 2, 2012

Little thing that made me feel I can!

Two hours ago when I log on to my different accounts on the internet, I was shocked when I saw my article and it’s published already! I am overwhelmed because that article is featured. I am very thankful that Candy Magazine chose my post as one of the newest of the featured items on their websites!
Until now, I can’t get over it. Hey, don’t blame me if I’m such a little kid at heart. Yes I did expect that my post will be published but what I didn’t expect is that it will belong to the featured items. They said that if your article has a great description and headline the more it will appear and be featured in their homepage. And I am so thankful that mine’s one of it.
If you want to see and read my article, just go here. You can like it and share it on facebook and you can also retweet it. Wish I coul share it on twitter but I don’t have any. Hahahaha


  1. I truly like your style and photo's,
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    1. Thank you!
      Sure. Followed you back already :))