Remembering High School days.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In these pictures, it was our Christmas Party. Taken in the year 2010 in the University's Quadrangle.
Honestly, I don't miss them, but I miss the happenings and events we've done during our high school days. Hahaha!
 This is GJ, our valedictorian. He's one of the good-looking guys in our department. That's why, I WAS attracted to him when we were in first year high school. So he's my former crush :D
This is Jhe-jhe. One of my crushes, too. Here, he insists to have a picture with me! Hahaha. So I was so kilig that time. But I didn't have this "longtime attraction" to him. I do have a reason why and I don't want to tell it here.

This is Carlfin. One of the girls! Hahaha. He's our class president that time, I think? Hahaha I can't remember. I'm not sure if he was the president during 3rd year or 4th year. Well, it doesn't matter anymore, as long as he maintains his cute smile :)
 And this little girl is my so-called "Anak". Wanna know why? Because she said that she wants to be our daughter to be a family. So that, there's a mother, there's a father, and there's a child. (You know what it is. Just try to get what I'm trying to say). Hahaha! Btw, I don't like my look here. My oily face is on the spotlight!

 And at last, my solo picture. Hahaha! I know, the background is just to messy to be a background of course. Well, I have no choice. Actually, this was the very first put-it-all outfit. This is where I started to know the trends in fashion.

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