May 13, 2012

Text Post Alert for Mother's Day!

Time out for outfit posts. It's time for me to make a post about this special day for Moms.
As I opened the PC, I immediately posted this message on tumblr to honor my Mom, and here it goes:


I may not show you everyday how much I love you.
Though I'm such a bad girl (daughter specifically) to Papa and you,
Though I shout at you at times,
Though I always force you to give what I want,
Though my sister and I are always being such spoiled brats,
Though I didn't think of how you feel every time I do something that I know would hurt you and Papa,
God knows how much I love you and Papa so much. There's no single day that I didn't ask God's forgiveness for what I'm doing to you. How I wish I can show you this simple message, but I don't have the guts to. I'm sorry, I love you Ma! Happy mother's day! :') ♥

(I hope you like it)