June 7, 2015

Timeless Pieces

Whether it's prom season or not, black ball dresses will never go out style. Just like what Taylor Swift says in her song, it never goes out of style. 

With its sleek and timeless appeal, most girls prefer wearing black during events. Contrary to my personal style girly and everything pastel I challenged myself to try doing away with what I have become used to and try something new. I tried wearing the basics. And I don't regret shifting to black and whites. It made me feel more confident and matured.

And because I haven't posted anything for almost a month, I want to make it up to you. With this comeback post (Whoa, big word, huh?), I bring you the top three dresses from Pickedlooks which I personally chose. Pickedlooks is not a stranger to me anymore. I have already made several posts featuring them before. And I thought, why not make another one? They deserved to be featured again. I tell you, this store has everything you need. They have the trendiest designed gowns perfect for every event. 

Not yet convinced? Well, below are just a few of their beautiful gowns for every beautiful girl like you! Let the gowns speak for me.

Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Chiffon Sweep Train Split Front Prom Dresses. This has got to be my favorite among my choices. I love everything in this gown. It's very simple but very elegant. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone in the room gives you that oh-my-gosh stare when you wear this, 'cause really, who wouldn't?

Chiffon One Shoulder Sweep Train Sheath/Column Rhinestone Prom Dresses. One of the trendiest styles these days is the one-shoulder dress. No wonder why almost every girl chooses a one-shoulder dress because it is very appealing and looks sexy... and tall when worn. Plus the slit, oh my, you will get the attention you deserve on that night, girl!

Tulle Scoop Floor-length Ball Gown Appliques Prom Dresses. This dress is perfect for a classic-inspired debut. Ball gowns are never too old for an eighteen-year-old, right? Right! And just look at the details of the top, it is very chic! When I saw this gown, it made me feel like I'm in the '80s. Go get it girl before it runs out!

What are you waiting for? Check out their site and fall in love with their designs! ♥

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  1. Beatiful dresses dear.
    Have a lovely day.

  2. Love the last one. It it so gorgeous.


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  4. Elegant collections ^^


  5. I totally agree a black ball dress has that timeless appeal that is classy and chic at the same time! Love the embellishments on them! xo~ Lena

  6. Mermaid is my favourite!


  7. Great dresses, but the last one is my faw!

  8. Whoa. I love all the dresses . Especially, the first one.

    Anyw, please look up at my blogs too ♡


  9. I love the selections! look so elegant!
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  10. Great selection!

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  11. You're right! we can learn a lot! and have wonderful memories :) thank you.
    Great dresses on your blog :)

  12. the dresses look outstanding


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