October 26, 2015

A Bride's Guide to a Beach Wedding Dress

As you may obviously know, when it comes to finding a dreamy and romantic location for a wedding, the beach mostly comes first to our minds. No wonder why beach wedding is the trend now. If you are planning to have one, you have to consider some things before plunging your feet into the sand. Here's a short guide for you to help out in your beach wedding dress:

1. Choose a color that compliments the location. Since you're on a beach, you might want to consider light or pastel colors for your dress and your entourage to compliment the romantic views of the blue water, fine white sand, and the golden sunset. Or, just stick with the traditional white dress to be safe.

2. Wear the right dress. I'm hoping that you're not thinking of wearing a ball gown on a beach 'cause if you are, girl, you're doing it wrong. Walking on the sand is hard what more if you're wearing a heavy dress, right? Don't stress yourself out on your special day. Try to set aside that idea and go with beach wedding dresses.

Get a neat and casual but beautifully flowing style is a perfect beach wedding dress and be ready to get sand in between your toes.


  1. Nice post, I love the second dress very beautiful and definitely great for a beach wedding.