5 Reasons Why You Need this Waterproof Skirt in Your Closet

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Whether it's a midi or a maxi, you should always make a space for a skirt in your wardrobe. Like other closet staples, skirt is just as important as your jeans or your white tee as it shows femininity and class. But whenever you're thinking of wearing a skirt to an event, office, or even on a date, countless concerns come across your mind already— the struggle to commute and the possible stains you could get from too much eating (I feel you on this, girl) which leads you to be noticed in a bad way. Yikes! So much for a first impression.

That is why, the New York-based fashion brand Eros & Psyche thought of designing a skirt that would perfectly take every girl's concerns away. Hence, they came up with a waterproof skirt. And so, I list down the reasons why you need this skirt in your closet.

1. It has a timeless design.

2. It is a work of art.
Literally! Each skirt is designed the traditional way, meaning, they are uniquely hand-drawn and hand-sewn.

3. Its fabric is smooth and durable enough to last.

4. It has deep side pockets!
For me, this is really a plus point because I don't like carrying a bulgy purse every time I go out. Seldom I see skirts with deep pockets and for a girl who loves wearing skirts, this perk will give them less hassle. With this, I could just carry my phone and purse in my skirt.
Great job, Eros & Psyche!

5. And lastly, it's waterproof.
As I've mentioned above, their skirts are waterproof. And who wouldn't want to have a waterproof and stain resistant skirt, right? That just means, you can just wipe it off and pretend that nothing happened. You don't have to worry, even if you're on your period.

Wearing a skirt is now easier and functional. You can be one of the lucky first few who can get these skirts. Click this to know more!

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  1. Amazing, something new to love, and they're very cute.

    1. I know! There's so much to love about them :)

  2. The skirt sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing =)

  3. Beautiful! This is such a well written post.

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