July 3, 2016

Long Dresses Under $99

When I was in high school, I can still remember the time I struggled in looking for a dress to wear on our Graduation Ball. Come to my debut and several events during college, this has still been my problem then. For a kuripot fashionista like me, I wanted a dress that will make heads turn but won't hurt my pocket. I have high standards when it comes to clothes so frankly, it's hard to find a dress that will suit my taste and budget.

Good thing, online shops are now sprouting like mushrooms everywhere and offer the cheapest price of their products to compete with other brands. Because I don't want others to experience what I had gone through before, I'll share with you something I found and I hope it will help.

Suzhoudress is an online shop that caters to any kind of dress, may it be formal, semi-formal or wedding gowns, they have it in-store. And would you believe that they sell dresses for $99 only?! Believe me, they do.

If only, these things have emerged long before all the occasions that I went to, I wouldn't have struggled in a very frustrating way.


  1. Those dresses are all beautiful! I love that last blue one <3

    xo Azu


  2. I am loving these dresses, the blue dress with the train is my favorite simply stunning.

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  3. Beautiful dresses!
    Xoxo, Victoria


  4. I never experience the graduation ball, our school forbids it maybe thats the disadvantage when you study in catholic school LOL anyways if i were in a graduation ball, i probably wear the lace gown. it's so sexy and totally pretty ^^


    1. Oh, that's my favorite! Great choice girl :)