October 17, 2016

Moon Shop PH Will be Your Next Best Friend

With the fashion industry growing quickly, there could have been too many online shops that are competing already. But because trends are evolving fast, these shops have to adapt to it for them to keep their loyal customers and gain new shoppers every now and then.

Moon Shop PH is just one among the online shops that keep their store updated on the latest styles. The shop always put its best foot forward to be on trend and keep their name running towards the line of sartorial industry. It was just two years ago when Moon Shop UAE was first launched in Dubai but they already tasted success with over 3,000 customers worldwide so, they decided to take things to the next level.

75-80% of their customers are Filipinos. Because of this, they launched another site in the Philippines after having a number of inquiries on when they will be launched in the country, hence, Moon Shop PH was born.

So, how are they different from other online shops?

Glad you asked, my friend.

All their products are designed and manufactured in Korea and/or Vietnam. For them, it’s very important to let their audience know that they are not selling Chinese products, that’s why their pieces are quite expensive. But they assure their customers that they get what they pay for. The price though a bit higher, is not that far from their competitors' price range. What sets them apart is that everything they sell is of good quality.

Here's what they have for you in store:

In their list of must-have clothes, all the picks are crafted in a very chic and sleek style, perfect for every lady's taste. For casual and party nights, office attire, and other special occasions, they've got you covered!

What's in it for me, then?

The deal is, they offer free delivery nationwide for orders 1,500 pesos and above. They also have a strict refund policy where the customers get a full refund, free of any hidden charges if they don't get exactly what they promote. And the best thing here is, it has never happened to Moon Shop before. So more people are trusting them and they give their customers great confidence. As the saying goes, what you see is what you get.

After their successful launch in the Philippines, Moon Shop is planning to expand in other parts of Asia— Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.


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  5. wow great to hear that they're going to launch in my country, Malaysia too!


    1. I know! So excited for what's next for them :)

  6. lovely collection of items!!

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  8. All the things are sweet, but the most beautiful the lace dress and white jumpsuit♥♥♥

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  12. Amazing pieces of clothes! Loved the blue top :)
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  13. Great styles, I like all of them.
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