January 1, 2018

9 things I learned in 2017

While everyone's hustling in finding the perfect outfit to match their sparkling wines for New Year's Eve, here I am, preparing for my first day of what they call graveyard shift. If only I could stay longer at home and spend the night with loved ones, for sure I'd be the one preparing the all-time favorite buttered shrimp in soda for the night. Mind you, I love that because that's the only dish I know how to cook.

Okay, I vow to learn more dishes this year. But before that, I'll share with you some of the things I learned in 2017 because although it's a quiet year for me, there are still realizations that are worth sharing.

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I learned that great things don't take time.

At least, some of it. In the past few years, I've always been caged to the thought of taking things slowly but surely. Although there's nothing wrong with it, in fact, I always preach it here, the great things you are dreaming of, whatever they may be, could be at the palm of your hands in a year, a month, a week, a day or perhaps in an hour. Only if you are brave enough to work your butt off. But if you think taking time is the right decision, go for it. Be patient but always hustle.

I learned that it's okay to jump off the cliff without a life vest.

Not literally, okay? It's okay to do the things you know nothing about. If something dropped on your lap, take it. Grab that opportunity. So what, if you have no idea on how it's done? I always tell myself, say yes to what's being offered and just figure it out later. Besides, you can learn things along the way. You'll be surprised at how it'll make you more successful, fulfilled and happier at the end of the day.

So, I learned to stop stopping myself.

Whenever I want something, I make it a point that I have to get it. Before, murmuring doubts and whispering second thoughts always stop me. I have endless reasons to not do the thing I've been wanting to do simply because, well, I'm scared. Scared of rejection. Scared of failure. Those are the things that prevent me from having the best of what I could possibly have if only I have the guts. Along the way, I realized that, the more I experiment, take risks and make mistakes, the better I know myself, the more I come closer to the best things.

I also realized that health should always be a priority.

This 2017, although I'm still not a health junkie, I must say, my habit is improving. From 4-5 bags of chips a month down to 2; from an all-meat menu every single day to at least 2 veggie recipe a week; from sleeping during free time to jogging in the morning; and maintaining my 7-10 hours of sleep, these made me feel lighter and healthier. Because of that, I seldom catch colds, in which, before, every weekend, I'm stuck in my room sleeping off the virus.

I learned that acting tough is harder than actually being tough.

I've always believed in the saying fake it till you make it. It's workable to be honest, but it's not always the case. Let me tell you a secret, I'm actually good at pretending... Pretending that I'm strong, brave, and tough. I keep on doing it in the hopes that one day, I'll actually be one. Because to me, if I think and strongly believe that I am that person, I will be that person. And I did. But there are times that I don't. You see, the hardest part of acting tough is that, no one notices that you need help and that makes you more fragile inside. And little did you know, it's slowly breaking you into pieces. So now, I try to be tough, the real kind of tough in a way that I reach out to people and ask help whenever I need one and I realized, they're not signs of weakness, they're actually signs of strength and bravery because you're strong enough to overcome your pride.

I also learned that making someone's day makes me happier.

I'm not used to complimenting people, whether I think they look awesome or their outfits are bombs, I usually just keep it to myself. But after reading an article about the things that will make "myself" happy, it totally changed everything. It says there that, a simple act of just complimenting a person's outfit or how beautiful her smile is, will make his/her day already. Imagine yourself in the shoes of that person, wouldn't it make you smile when someone notices your new hairdo? Or how well you pulled off a trend? Even if it's just a simple compliment, the most important thing is that you made someone feel good about who they are and you know what? That's down right heroic. Make someone's day and it'll make yours, too.

But I also learned that you can't please everybody.

Whether you did good or not, you couldn't please everyone. Back then, I've always believed that people will treat you the way you treat them. Even if you're the nicest person in the room, someone will raise an eyebrow at you. Whatever you do, expect that people will always have something to say about you. And if that's the case, then might as well do the best you can to produce something great. Don't mind what others will say. As long as you're on the right track and you are not harming anyone, then the force is with you.

I learned that everyday is a new beginning.

If you've done something wrong today, you still have tomorrow to make it up and fix it. If you failed to do what you should have done, tomorrow's another chance to create something great, even better. As what they say, tomorrow's a new day. 

Lastly, I learned to create my own happiness.

This year, as what I always tell, has been the most mundane so far. No exceptional lifts and major setbacks, just still yet moving. Unlike in 2016, there were so many things that happened enough to write myself a letter then. This year, I'm not lonely but not extremely happy as well, which kind of drove me to a mirror of despair. But you know what, I realized that my happiness does not depend on someone or what I have. My happiness depends on me. I became braver and more independent. Whatever I had, have and will have, it doesn't matter, it's on how I take things that will make me happy. 

Now, while on my way to work, I'm dreaming of a red sequined dress on me and a glass of Rosé Champagne on my right hand while waiting for the biggest plot twist of 2018. Let's light new hopes and spark positivity. I wish you a Happy New Year! :)




  1. Amazing post! I agree with all these things, especially with that health needs to be priority! I wish you all the best in new year, and hope you will learn new things and make yourself only happier!

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    1. Health is really important so better to take good care of it. Wishing you a happy 2018, Josipa! :)

  2. Great post. Beautiful sandals.

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  3. This is such a great post and I love your outfit! Happy New Year!


  4. Happy new year!! Its so great that you have learnt so much from last year so for the new year I pray you put things into practice that you need to and cheers to more opportunities life and happiness

    1. Aww thank you dear! It means so much to me. Wishing you all the best. Happy New Year! :)

  5. This is so inspiring ;)
    Your words courage me to do something beyond my limit. Well, Happy New Year, Cielo and let's be awesome this year <3



    1. You should! Start small and everything will follow. I really appreciate your thoughts, Chelsea! Happy New Year! :)

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  14. I've come to some of the same realizations and am hoping to start improving them in 2018!
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    1. Oh dear you should! Stopping yourself from doing what you really want is taking you away from what could possibly be the best for you. I really hope you'll find the courage to do so :)

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