October 31, 2018

Redifining Condo Living With Urban Loft

The great majority, especially the Filipinos, still live in rented homes. And I am one of the majority. Since I started working, I've been renting rooms, apartment and now, a condominium near my workplace.

Like others, I also wanted to have a place that I can call my own but I have to wait years for me to afford my dream house, hence I'm renting a condo in the metro. But I've come to realize that what I'm paying monthly for the rent and bills go for nothing when I can pay the same price to get my own, especially now that the competition among the real estate developers are becoming tight, they offer the most they can to get the clients' value for money.

By the way, just a side note: If you're planning to buy a commercial real estate property, make sure to get a phase 1 ESA (environmental site assessment). This assessment is crucial because it protects the landowner's liability, especially in those commercial real estate transactions

HBI boasts its patented loft design carefully crafted to maximize space

However, another thing that concerns me when living in a condo is the limited space. And because of that, I've been thinking of ideas on how to maximize the condo space without having to spend more— from using dividers to loft designs, name it, I already imagined that.

Good thing, I found about Honeycomb Builders, Inc.'s space-smart urban loft concept which features distinctive unit cuts to enable comfortable modern living for starting families and young professionals like me.

Each unit is fully-furnished upon turnover

At an average unit size of 24 sqm, the 2-bedroom Urban Loft boasts of 11.2 ft. floor-to-ceiling height.

HBI's loft idea is expanded to integrate space-saving and practical features like built-in cabinets, foldable kitchen nook, multi-purpose table, aircon duct system, and a water-recycling sink in the bathroom. While there is a bedroom at the mezzanine level, there is still a dedicated living area where one can entertain guests with privacy. The half-stairs design of the units also utilizes the bare space above the bathroom and kitchenette. 

The Cost

With Urban Loft, you get to pay a 2-bedroom pad at a price of a studio unit. But that's not all, you will definitely live the sweet life with HBI because you don't have to worry about the interior must-haves like the furniture; HBI's units are already fully-furnished. Meaning, you only get to worry about when to move in!

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2 (a bit smaller than the master's bedroom)

The fully-furnished package includes a sofa, tables and chairs, mattresses, refrigerator, TV, air conditioning unit, and washing machine among others. The full glass sliding windows on the balcony also allow abundant natural light that brightens the living area.

Living and Dining areas


About HBI

Established in 1976, HBI has delivered close to 3,000 homes in more than 25 locations. The full service real estate company banks on its mother company, Guevent Investments Development Corporation’s over 50 years of business development experience in various industries including real estate, finance, transportation and insurance. HBI has been harnessing its expertise and technical skills in adapting and integrating various housing technologies to help address the need for functional, comfortable and sophisticated home designs today.  

To know more details about the Urban Loft, you may visit HBI's website: hbi.ph
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