April 21, 2019

How to Wear Pastels

If you want to add a pop of color and make femininity your style, pastel is a great choice. From blush pinks to sorbet blues to anything soft hues, wearing pastels give lightness and elegance to any look. Timeless pastel clothes are a great investment since they will never go out of style.

If you want to cop a pastel OOTD, I've rounded up three (3) ways on how to wear pastels.


Choose one color and stick with it. But make sure to not overdo it.

Mix Pastels in One

Pastels go well with other pastels. Wearing two or more pastel colors at the same time will establish a calm, warm, and relaxed look. Here, aside from my pastel pink dress, I used a blush pink bag from Kate Spade and a pair of nude heels. This is the right way on how to wear pastels.

Mix a Bold Color

If you aren’t prepared to go full out with a pastel OOTD, mix small pops of color into your attire. In this case, I wore a pair of teal flower earrings from Make Me Blush. It gives a subtle edge and bold statement to your outfit.

Dress and Heels from Jellybean | Bag from Kate Spade | Earrings from Make Me Blush



  1. That dress from Jellybean is very pretty - I love that wonderfully feminine shade of pastel pink. The teal flower earrings, your hair and lipstick all look very pretty - it's a lovely outfit, and you look beautiful wearing it.


  2. Such fantastic tips! And I absolutely adore this look. It is so pretty and romantic.

  3. Amazing outfit dear :)


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