October 21, 2019

5 Things to Know About Courier Services

One of the major factors to consider when having an online shop is the shipping process. The shipping tends to be stressful especially if you don't choose the right couriers Whether you are a newbie or not in the industry, I've rounded up a list of things you should know about courier services to make your shipping process smooth.

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You can select a pick-up date but not a specific time frame for the arrival of the delivery

Most courier services offer a door-to-door pick up of your packages aside from their over-the-counter service. You can schedule a specific date of pick up but not a specific date of arrival. The courier services follow predetermined routes. But if you want the items be received on the same day, some transport services offer same day deliveries. However, these are more expensive than the standard courier services.

Not every package is suitable for the standard service

Nowadays, you can now ship almost everything but remember that not every package can be delivered. It varies from the size of your package to the type of items you are sending. Make sure to read through your courier's terms first or call them directly to confirm if you can ship your items to avoid stress and unfavorable circumstances.

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Stating the exact address is key to smooth delivery

The specifics help! Make sure that you write the exact address of the receiver and adding any relevant details like landmarks will make a successful delivery.

Inappropriate packaging can affect the whole shipping process

Packing your items properly is important because the courier service may refuse to collect the package or will ask you to do so before shipping it. Another main reason is that your package is prone to damage. I'm sure you don't want your parcel to arrive in bad shape, right? One reliable company to check out is Packaging Chimp. Their wraps were designed to secure loads, so you won’t need to worry about those loads becoming loose while they’re being moved from one place to another.

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You can track your orders online

With the help of the Internet and new technology, we can now track our parcels online. One site you can use is Order Tracking. The good thing here is. it's feasible for both sellers and buyers. It is multiple tracking.

With Order Tracking, you can: 
  • Bulk track DHL Packages in one click
  • Access tracking from anywhere at any time
  • Follow up on Every Order by SMS
  • Track for online Customer  &Merchant easily

Another one is Tacktry. With Tracktry, you can track all your shipments from multiple couriers and postal services. This is the best tracking solution for international parcels.

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