February 1, 2020

Employees Reveal What Really Makes Them Happy and Stay in the Company

What does your workplace mean to you? To some employees, they just see their daily jobs and their workplace only as a venue to earn, and nothing more. But did you know that one of the biggest factors that makes employees motivated and stay in a company is a good workplace?

Here in the Philippines, there is one company that has been successfully redefining the workplace— TDCX. They have exceptionally homey work environment and welcoming culture, combined with great compensation and retention programs that are all purposely designed to make employees happy, and even happier as time goes by.

A day in the life at TDCX

Jeally Ann “JJ” Caramayan, SME (Subject Matter Expert) and Rhinnon “Rhy” Pamintuan, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Officer at TDCX Philippines give us a glimpse of their lives inside the multi-awarded Business Process Outsourcing firm and share their daily experiences at their spacious, uniquely designed, “Biophilia” office space. 

The Small Things that Matter 

A communicator and dancer by heart, JJ has never planned on joining the BPO industry. “I have dreamt of becoming a courtside reporter as I really like talking to people. However, due to my life circumstances, I had to enter the industry at 18 years old to survive. It proved to be the best environment I can ever enter,” she says. 

Having opened its first office in the Philippines only in 2014, JJ had only known TDCX through a friend, who fondly shared his experiences with the company. Now, she can vouch for herself that the stories were true— everything at TDCX is aligned to bring out the best in her, down to the small things that encourage her to be a better person. 

“If you have a healthy and happy environment, you wouldn’t be able to feel the stress. To be very honest, I was able to witness it for myself that the culture here is different. Here, you will totally feel that you are at home. You totally feel comfortable.” 

JJ admits that TDCX brought out her inner self. What she likes about the company is the people working there. Everyone smiles at each other, even the bosses! She shares, the bosses will roam around the office all-smiles, giving a pat on the back, and will come over to smile or compliment their employees. It's the little things that matter. With just a simple recognition from the boss for a job well-done makes an employee motivated already.

She further revealed that having great leaders and mentors inside the company inspired her to be so much more than she initially aspired to be. “I admit I didn’t start and did well right away, but I’m grateful to have leaders who didn’t give up on me in helping me achieve my goals and in giving a good picture of the future they see in me. That helped me a lot to be where I am today.”

After only two years with the BPO firm, JJ is now handling her own team. 

A Company with a Heart 

Rhy, meanwhile, is a CSR officer/entrepreneur/senior Master of Arts in Development Policy student. He may be handling a lot of roles, but his flexible schedule and staying with a company that has the same values as his make everything so much easier. 
What keeps him energized is the amazing environment he works in, the people he interacts with, and the support of the management for the CSR activities they launch in different sites.

“It has been a dream for me to work in a company with diverse people. It doesn’t feel crazy busy when you have a heart in what you do. I am humbled by the amazing opportunity to impact lives with TDCX which truly is a company with a heart,” shares Rhy. 

“I see people here valuing other people’s welfare, satisfaction, wellness, and relationships, inside and outside the company. We have CSR efforts for the environment, education, and enterprise development launched every month,” he further explains. 

TDCX, through its social arm TDheart, regularly participates in blood donation drives for Philippine Red Cross, volunteers for the nationwide Brigada Eskwela Program, and helps provide market access to local entrepreneurs through Caritas Margins, among other initiatives. 

Aside from the sense of strong purpose that he is able to nurture with the company, Rhy, like JJ, also enjoys the value of a beautifully-designed office, caring leadership, and people development trainings that allow him to reinvent himself and pursue growth. 

“All sides of our office are worth posting in social media. My favorite spot are the meeting pods at the Gamma 21 – I love the huge windows, the sun kissing your face, a pot of plant on the side and the perfect room temperature. Biophilia it really is!” he shares. 

People enjoying their stay in a company, like Rhy and JJ, can only be achieved by a culture that sees employees for the individuals that they are – with different strengths, personalities, and interests. TDCX has always made employees its priority not only in terms of lowering its attrition rate, but the commitment takes root from a deep sense of compassion that has been steering the company for more than 20 years across its offices in Asia and in Europe. 

More information on TDCX is available at https://www.facebook.com/tdcx.philippines/. To join TDCX or learn about career opportunities, contact tdcx.com/careers or (02)8862-9500.

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  1. Looks like a great company. Indeed, the employee's state of mind is very important!