March 27, 2020

The Silver Lining Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the coronavirus outbreak started, the world has seen the worst it could possibly be. Thousands of people get ill and die around the world and the healthcare system is overloaded. Some hospitals can’t even accept new patients anymore because of full capacity. Schools and work are closed. Some companies collapsed. And some employees lost their jobs; even those who would risk their lives to work to feed their families can’t even go out to earn.

While this pandemic has brought a lot of pain to us, it gave us a gift; a perfect opportunity to live our lives meaningfully. In the face of overwhelmingly bad news about what’s happening to the world, we need to stay strong. We don’t set aside the fact that the coronavirus threatens us all but what we’d like you to think right now, at least for the meantime, is its bright side.

We now have the opportunity to take a time off

Let’s admit it, before any of these things happened, we were all soaked and letting ourselves drown in work. We’re always dedicating our time to accomplish our tasks, which is not wrong, but most of our time in a day is focused on our tiring jobs. We forgot to give time for other meaningful things. It may be too hard to believe but the pandemic just gave us a gift—a gift of time. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, we got the opportunity to spend more time with our families. We can now enjoy the break we’ve been longing for so long. Or we can do the one thing we’ve been dying to do, but can’t because of lack of time. Whatever you do now, make it worthwhile.

We can now be closer to our families

Gone are the days that we have to leave the house before the sun rises and go home late in the evening. Because of the home quarantine and lockdowns, the time we spent commuting can now be dedicated to our family. This is the best time to finally bond with them and relieve the what-could-have-been great times when you’re busy working. Cook for your parents; have a chat with your siblings; play board games or have a movie marathon together. Now is the time to create more great memories together as a family.

We can contribute to many great acts of kindness

And generosity. Because of what’s happening right now—lack of supplies and down businesses—more and more people are willing to give a hand. People are helping each other. From the big companies who donated billions of dollars to an ordinary citizen who gave free food to the frontliners, people showed their compassion and love for their country and fellowmen. If you think you don’t have the capacity to donate money or food, you can still help by simply spreading the word on social media and letting the world know that someone needs their help. Make the most of what you have.

We now have the opportunity to reflect on ourselves

The coronavirus outbreak gave us an opportunity to reflect on things and to rethink what we do and why we do it. May it be the job we thought we really wanted in the first place or the trip we’ve been planning for so long, we can now reflect and discover ourselves more. We can also make up for the things we took for granted like the environment, our health, friends, and family. This is the time to make changes. For the better.

The Earth can finally breathe again

Due to the lockdowns and community quarantine in some countries, the roads that were used to be clogged have been cleared and the bumper to bumper cars are no longer seen. If there’s one good thing that COVID-19 did that will definitely change the world, it’s this. For weeks, the Earth can finally breathe and the people will be able to feel fresh air because there will be less pollution. There will be no smoke belchers on the roads.

It radiates love, hope, and positivity despite the terrible things

In these globally trying times, what we need most right now is support from one another. We need to believe that all bad things will soon end. What we didn’t have before the outbreak can now be seen across the world. The pandemic radiates love, hope, and positivity. During these times, we lift each other up. We help each other in the best ways we can. We make sure that we’re there for each other.

It only took one little but deadly virus to remind us of what we have taken for granted before all these things. Don’t let this ever happen again.

And no matter how hard the situation is now; no matter how difficult this time is; we can and we will overcome this together.


  1. Great post about 'the silver lining' in this situation ~

    Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  2. we are safe at home, realizing the good in everything!! i was going to say "silver lining" but it was already taken!!!

    my spirit is happy. stay safe, stay well...enjoy the time with your quarantine partner!!!

    1. I'm glad to know you're safe there! This is the perfect time to reflect on ourselves :)

  3. I think we all need to read your words. Staying Home may be a challenging hardship for many who have lost jobs or have large families in small spaces. But we must try, try as hard as we can, to find the best things we can to help up through. Your words are so very positive.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to many more visits here.

    1. Yes absolutely. It hurts to see those people who are willing to take the risk to earn for their families. I hope this crisis ends soon so we can have our normal lives back. Keep safe! :)

  4. i really like these positivity points that you shared with us which I very much agree with. When all of this ends (I really pray hard that it ends very soon), we can all remember these moments and continue the habits we built, I especially would pledge to be closer to my family as much as I can.

    Followed you here on your beautiful blog, hope to see you back on my blogs :)

    Cavite Daily Photo
    Stevenson Que Blog

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy to read your comment. And I agree with you, if we're able to continue these good habits even after the crisis ends, all will be well :)

  5. I think we can find good in any situation! I am so thankful I am with person I love and my dogs (I love them tons as well)

    1. Aww. Glad to hear that. In any challenge we face comes positive things, too. Keep safe! :)

  6. Yes, Being positive is the best thing to do,, This will pass and being negative doesn't help, Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Thanks, too! I believe in the power of optimism! :)

  7. Aw thank you for this optimism. As somebody who has been feeling down about this new way of living, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Amongst the social isolation and loneliness I've been living off personal blogs like this, so keep sharing!

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