June 21, 2020

To the Man I First Fell In Love With, I Will Always Love You

Let me start this by telling you how I hated the times when you always ask me about that app you just downloaded that I think won’t be of use at all for you, because hey, it’s Instagram, and the times that I got annoyed when you asked me about the life updates of this certain vlogger because I actually don’t have any idea at all who that person is. And do you remember the time when you kept asking me over and over again like a broken record about this TikTok “famous dance”? I was surprised you know it because even I don’t have any idea about it at all.

It got me thinking, am I really the young one here? 

I forgot that you are cool and that you just want to keep up with the trend like the way you were when you were my age… just like how I am today. I got to admit, you’re way cooler than I am, Dad, and I love that about you. 

But not just because of being the “trendy old man”, but because you really are the coolest and greatest Dad in the world.

You taught me how to be kind even if others are not, and be patient even if it takes longer than expected. You taught me how to be contented and make the most of what I have. You taught me how to be strong and stand up every time I fall, and to never give up even if life hits me so hard. And most importantly, you taught me how to love unconditionally despite the imperfections. So, thank you, Dad. 

Thank you for shaping me and for letting me pick a life that I love… that I dreamed of, even if society told me otherwise. Thank you for teaching me how to love my flaws and accept who I really am. Thank you for making me realize that it’s okay to be different, that no matter how different I am, someone will pick me, someone will love me. Because you did.

And you know what, Dad? Whenever people tell me I’m very hardworking, I always think of you because I got it from you. What can I say? Hard work is hereditary. I owe everything to you of what I am today.

I am so lucky to call you my Dad. 

You are my strongest critic yet my biggest fan which makes it even because I’m also your biggest fan, Dad. 

You are also the toughest yet most softhearted man I know and I salute you for that. 

We might not say it a lot but we love you, Dad! 

Like what we said to Mom, a “thank you” is never enough to match what you’ve done for us.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

***I wrote this article for a leading Southeast Asian budget hotel chain and was originally published at www.zenrooms.com.


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