March 7, 2021 Tanay, Rizal, Philippines

Overlooking Restaurant in Tanay, Rizal: Ricardo's Vista Del Cielo

If it's not for the food, it's the view that makes people visit a restaurant.

Just two hours away from Manila lies a not-so-hidden restaurant located atop a hill in Tanay, Rizal. Ricardo's Vista del Cielo offers an all-day breakfast menu and other Filipino dishes good for sharing that will feed the hungry traveler in you. More than the food, this restaurant offers a stunning view of the mountains in Sierra Madre Mountain Range and a sea of clouds. 

ricardo's vista del cielo tanay rizal restaurant

We went there past 5 in the afternoon and ordered a plate of buttered shrimp and a bowl of bulalo perfect for the windy weather that could almost make your bones chill. Honestly speaking, I wasn't into their food. The buttered shrimp was a bit bland and the bulalo was just okay. Though I'm still intrigued by their all-day breakfast offering like silog meals, so I might come back there soon to give their food a try again.

ricardo's vista del cielo tanay rizal restaurant
ricardo's vista del cielo tanay rizal restaurantricardo's vista del cielo tanay rizal restaurant

The last two photos are by Ricardo's Vista del Cielo

But what I loved most about Ricardo's Vista del Cielo is their location. You see, nowadays that we can't travel long-distance, we crave a new sight that will take our stress away, and this restaurant did just that. The views are astounding, letting you see a bit of the Sierra Mountain Range, a sea of clouds, and a rainbow if you're lucky. Just a piece of advice though, don't wear short shorts or sleeveless tops if you're not a fan of cold weather because it's windy and the wind blows cold air that best matches a cup of coffee while admiring nature's beauty. If you're too cold, you can stay in their cabin-like dining area on the ground floor. 

ricardo's vista del cielo tanay rizal restaurant
ricardo's vista del cielo tanay rizal restaurant
ricardo's vista del cielo tanay rizal restaurant

Ricardo's Vista del Cielo

Address: Marcos Highway, Mayagay 1, Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal, Philippines
Operation hours: 5am to 6pm
Budget for meals: PHP 500 for two
Food: 5/10
Overall look: 10/10
Hospitality: 9/10

For more information, you can check out their official Facebook page.



  1. That view is healing in itself. It looks like the perfect spot for a beautiful dinner.