October 31, 2021 Tanay, Rizal, Philippines

New Overlooking Restaurant in Tanay, Rizal: Wyndell's Al Fresco

Apart from great food, what makes a dining experience oh-so-perfect is a kick ass view! Wyndell's Al Fresco in Tanay, Rizal gives you just that. 

Wyndells Al Fresco Tanay Rizal

Before you enter this Tanay restaurant's premises, you will be welcomed by a quaint cafe with a rooftop dining area. If you're coming from a long descent and you just want to take a quick break, there you can sip a hot coffee while enjoying the cool breeze of Tanay.

overlooking view tanay rizal restaurant Wyndells Al Fresco Tanay Rizal
garden at Wyndells Al Fresco Tanay Rizal

Wyndell's Al Fresco is not like any other restaurants in Tanay you'd see because it's separated into three sections: cafe, samgyupsal area, and the main dining area. So upon entering the restaurant, you'd see a rustic dining area on your left perfect for a romantic date. Just a few steps down and you'll see their samgyupsal area. But if you want to enjoy a full-blown Wyndell's experience, take the best spot in the main dining area with mountains and trees as your backdrop. Trust me when I say the view is overwhelmingly beautiful, especially during sunset. If you arrive around 5pm, the sun will touch your skin, giving you an instant glow or a warm filter for a photo op. 

This al fresco dining in Tanay, Rizal offers a wide variety of dishes, catering to those who are always on-the-go, Korean BBQ lovers, and for special celebrations. As for us, we tried some of their sandwiches, pasta, and a pizza. 

Philly Cheesestake (PHP 280)

sandwich at Wyndells Al Fresco Tanay Rizal

Not the usual Philly Cheesesteak sandwich that will have you give up at 3rd bite. It's good!

BBQ Burger (PHP 350)

burger at Wyndells Al Fresco Tanay Rizal

It's small but filling. I loved how the sweet and spicy barbecue sauce matches the sourness of the tomatoes and the double quarter pounder patties that taste just right (not too bland, not too salty).

Gamberi Aglia e Olio Pappardelle (PHP 350)

pasta at Wyndells Al Fresco Tanay Rizal

I never thought I'd like an oil-based pasta at first try! 

Basil Honey Pepperoni Pizza (PHP 350)

pizza at Wyndells Al Fresco Tanay Rizal

For the pizza, I think I expected too much though. I like the consistency but it's too sweet for a pizza, for me.

Although it's a bit pricier than other Tanay, Rizal restaurants, overall, I'm completely satisfied with my dining experience at Wyndell's Al Fresco Tanay. I'll be coming back to try their breakfast menu. Hopefully soon!

food at Wyndells Al Fresco Tanay Rizal

If you've ever been here or just planning to visit, let me know in the comment box below your thoughts! :)

Wyndell's Al Fresco

Address: Km. 58, Marilaque Highway (Marikina-Infanta Highway), Tanay, Rizal
Operation hours: 7am to 8pm
Budget for meals: PHP 1,000 for two
Food: 8.5/10
Overall look: 8/10
Hospitality: 9/10
Is Wyndell's Al Fresco open now? Yes they are open
Kids allowed? Yes!

For more information, you can check out their official Facebook page.