December 30, 2021 Zambales, Philippines

CASA San Miguel: The Restaurant in Zambales Where You'll Experience Hospitality at Its Finest

We all have that one favorite place that we always find ourselves coming back to—in my case, it's CASA San Miguel in Zambales.

If you haven't read my previous post about CASA San Miguel yet, it serves as the home of the world renowned violinist Coke Bolipata, and a community center that includes a school for the arts and music, art gallery and museum, cafe and a bed and breakfast facility. CASA also means two things: first is home, and the other is Center for the Arts in San Miguel.

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CASA San Miguel Zambales Cielo Fernando

From family retreat house to community center

CASA San Miguel Zambales was just a family retreat house at first since its completion in 1921. But come 1993, Coke Bolipata established the CASA San Miguel Foundation. The foundation aims to “integrate culture and community development” in Zambales. This is one of their ways to preserve the cultural heritage and quiet side of San Antonio. They have done several programs and workshops to hone and showcase the artistry of the locals. And up until now, we see little kids walking in the mango orchard with their little violins on their back. 

CASA San Miguel Zambales restaurant cielo fernando
CASA San Miguel Zambales cafe virtuosi
CASA San Miguel Zambales garden

Hospitality at its finest

Having been working in the hospitality industry for years, I know for myself that hospitality is a difficult thing to achieve. Sure, some may be available to tend to you 24/7 but that doesn't mean they are already hospitable. 

CASA San Miguel Zambales cielo fernando birthday

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In the words of New York Times food critic Tejal Rao, "hospitality is both invisible and formidable — it surrounds you. You can find it at a rest stop on the highway, and miss it at the host stand of a fine-dining restaurant. You feel its presence, or you don’t."

CASA San Miguel Zambales cielo fernando
CASA San Miguel facade

Sitting under a tree with the fresh air brushing my hair, I blissfully indulged myself in some of CASA San Miguel Zambales' best-sellers, a mix of both my favorites and new ones I haven't tried. Blissfully because it was as if I was the only person in the place. The staff was making me feel comfortable from the moment I stepped into their gate to the time I went out. And this didn't even happen for the first time. When I went there in 2019, they have already impressed me.

It was the afternoon of December 12. I didn't even tell them it was my birthday that day. So I was really surprised that they remembered my special day. I thought it was going to be just another brunch day out, but my 27th birthday turned out a lot more special than I anticipated it would be, thanks to CASA San Miguel Zambales.

At CASA, I felt cared for and this is something only a few establishments have made me feel. I wouldn't mind driving 4 to 6 hours again just to get a bite of their pizza. 

CASA San Miguel Zambales

So now, I will be listing all the details you need to know about CASA and some of my food recommendations. 

Address: Evangelista St., Brgy. San Miguel 2206 San Antonio, Zambales

Budget for meals: PHP 1,000 for two

Food: 8.5/10

Overall look: 8/10

Hospitality: 11/10

Is CASA San Miguel Zambales open now? Yes they are open

Kids allowed? Yes!

Contact information: | (+632) 8551 1003

Food we tried at CASA San Miguel

  • Classic Carbonara (PHP 500) good for sharing
  • 10-inch pan-style ZambaleƱo pizza (PHP 568) - This pizza includes egg and longganisa
  • Breakfast longganisa 

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CASA San Miguel Zambales pizza food cielo fernando
CASA San Miguel Zambales food cielo fernando
CASA San Miguel Zambales then and now
This was CASA San Miguel Zambales then and now


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