February 12, 2022

Are Nivea Acne Clear MiscellAIR and Whip Foam Worth It?

Skin care beauty trends come and go but there are certain products that never go out of style. I'm talking about the acne beauty sets. Because really, whether we like it or not, these uninvited guests will do anything to take a zit (pun intended) anywhere they want on our face. 

That's why Nivea has formulated a miracle-maker acne set that includes MiscellAIR and Whip Foam. These two acne-fighting products help repair signs of skin stress, prevent and reduce acne, and gently cleanses for soft and smooth skin. 

nivea miscellar water acne clear cielo fernando

Nivea Acne Clear Set MiscellAIR

One of the cult-favorites that is here to stay is the miscellar water. Since discovering this, it has never left my makeup kit. Miscellar water is a skin care product that looks and feels just like regular water but totally has the ability to remove makeup, cleanse, and tone with just a few light swipes of a cotton ball. 

The Nivea Acne Clear Set MiscellAIR is a 3-in-1 caring cleanser that features 10x oxygen boost that helps repair skin and prevent pimples. It also has Magnolia bark extracts that prevent acne. This product nails exactly how miscellar technology feels right and lives up to the name of Nivea Acne Clear Set MiscellAIR.

Nivea Acne Clear Set Whip Foam

MiscellAIR is best paired with the Nivea Acne Clear Set Whip Foam to gently cleanse and leave your skin feeling soft.

nivea miscellar water acne clear cielo fernando

With Nivea's Acne Clear Set, you can enjoy a stress-free and acne-clear skin!


  1. Hi, Cielo.
    These cosmetics seem to be very effective 👍.
    And I'm following you 😉.

  2. I have ben using these products for such a long time now. The micellar water doesn't break me out which I love and the whip foam works well too.

    Steph- G