September 26, 2022

Barbiecore Trend: What It Is & Why Fashionistas Are Head Over Heels For It

There's a new sartorial trend that's taking the style scene by storm and it's inspired by one of the most popular fashion icons that I'm so sure you know who. Named after Mattel's iconic doll, Barbiecore has been on the radar of every fashionista lately.

Cielo Fernando_Pink Barbiecore Outfit Trend

But what is Barbiecore anyway?

The Barbiecore fashion trend is anything that follows the fabulous world of Barbie. This style is fun, girly, chic, and classy. And given the resurgence of Y2K fashion that features bright and bold colors, there's no denying that it plays a role in the rise of Barbiecore trend.

How to dress in Barbiecore?

If you really want to pull off this style, you only need one color to make it right  pink! Barbiecore is all about looking pretty in pink. The hotter hue the pink is, the better. Though that's the much-preferred hue, you can also wear other shades of pink such as fuchsia and bubblegum. Other than the color, you must also have these staples to channel the trend: block heels, a sparkling bag, and holographic accessories

Cielo Fernando_Pink Barbiecore Outfit Trend

My thoughts on the Barbie core trend

It's fantastic! 

Barbie was everything to me when I was a little girl — it was my style icon, my best playdate, my go-to gal, and my dream persona. I remember as a child, I used to write letters to Barbie. Of course, the seven-year-old me thought I was talking to her but it was the Mattel staff, really. They sent me replies to my letters and some cute little pink gifts and Barbie merch. I was so crazy about Barbie that I even dreamed of having a collection one day. I remember those days when I told my dad to bring me a Barbie doll when he goes home after work and those nights that he delivered his promises; I can also vividly remember the times when I fought with my sister because she played with my dolls and ripped my favorite Barbie's head! It was a terrible fight and one of the worst we had. 

Anyway, Barbiecore is something that really tickles every little bone in me. This trend is bold and empowering, and I'm all for it.

To cap this off, Barbiecore is more than just about wearing the right color and pieces. Barbie represents femininity, women empowerment, and dreams. Barbiecore is more than a trend — it also reminds us that any woman can do, can get, and be anything she wants.

Cielo Fernando_Pink Barbiecore Outfit Trend




  1. I just love this trend! I grew up with Barbie and loved the fact that she could do anything and be anything.
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. Love this outfit, amazing love this trend!!!
    Blog Vou Arrasar

  3. I grew up loving Barbie too hence my love for pink even before this trend. Pink looks good on you, Cielo!