December 12, 2012


YAY! Finally! Now I can say that I am totally a lady now.
Happy 18th birthday to me :)
A lot of things happened this day. There are good and there are bad ones too.
First thing I would share is the bad one.
I lost my phone. Yeah. On the day that I celebrated my one of the most special moments in my life. It was gone like a single snap. I think I dropped it on the floor of the Jeep. I am not after my phone, I am concerned about the contacts there and the messages saved there. Especially those that were sent a little while. Greetings and dedications from family, relatives, friends, and special someones.
Second, when a friend of mine and I was on our way to my dorm, a delivery guy of Greenwich accidentally stepped on my slipper and guess what? It broke off! Lucky me huh?

So to forget all about it, here are the good things that happened on the special day of my life.

  • Yesterday, I slept late because I was finishing my video for my birthday. Then, my dorm-mates (courtesy of Bon, my favorite enemy. Hahaha kidding!) surprised me. They gave me a folder with dedications on the front cover and inside it, it was Bon's dedication. Aww. Sweet :)
  • My so-called kuya which is one of my crushes surprised me with a call. Hahaha. I didn't expect that he will call me. But unfortunately, he didn't notice the time when he called, he relied to his friends when they said that it's already 12. Hahaha. How sweet of him. Then he texted me saying about his effort. Hahaha :">
  • My escort slash kababata texted me. He even asked me out to celebrate my birthday. Hahaha I never expected that he will do that after 8 years of not talking or having communication with him :))
  • My super best friend Ana surprised me with a banner. She posted it on the freedom wall of our University where anybody can see. My classmates and friends wrote a dedication on it. She's the most thoughtful and sweet friend I ever had. I love you Ana :))
Here are the pictures of what I received today:

(Yellow bag from Ate Dada, yellow folder with dedications on it from my dorm-mates, letter on an envelope from a friend, and a huge greeting sign from Ana)
  • My first ever SUPER CRUSH in the University remembered my birthday! He was the one who reminded our common friend that it was my birthday. As what Cza (our common friend) said, Carlo told her "Uy, birthday ngayon ni Cielo ah?" then she asked him, "Oh di nga? Nakalimutan ko. Haha" Carlo replied "Sira ka talaga. Birthday niya ngayon. May past nga kami nun eh" OMG! Can you just kill me now? hahaha kidding! :D I didn't expect that he will remember my birthday. Take note, he's one of the most popular guys in CEU
  • Ung may birthday pa ung nilibre. HAHAHA
My dorm-mate gave me this cute neon pink bracelet
 Remember my phone was lost on my birthday? A friend of mine gave me this phone after he knew about it. Hahaha

Well, so far. That's it. Hahaha thank you for sparing your time reading this :)


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    1. Aww. It's so nice of you. Thank you so much and belated happy birthday! :)

  2. Happy 18th babe!
    Kakilig naman si campus crush!

    hey, would you like to follow each other? let me know
    leave a comment on my blog :)

    1. Yes kakilig talaga. :"> ♥
      Salamat ng marami! :)

  3. Wow. That's so sweet. (Belated) happy birthday, dear! :)

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  4. Happy birthday, Cielo ♥ May God will always bless you dear ;)

  5. wow! there..again, i'm speechless :)))))))))))