December 7, 2012

Blushing Ray

If I had not met you that day,
Then I would not have experienced that pain and sadness.
And memories filled with tears,
But, if I had not met you,
I would also have not experienced the joy, preciousness, and excitement.
And memories filled with tears.
And the feeling of absolute happiness.

Sweet right? I was just inspired by the Japanese movie "Koizora". It's really beautiful and heart-melting.
Well, so much for that. Now, back to my outfit.
Wondering why "blushing ray" is the title of this post? It's obviously that the ray of the sun is directed to my whole body and I'm wearing almost all pink. And take note, we shot this at 6:00 in the morning. Too early for a photoshoot. :D
I spy, with my eyes, pink blush all over my body. Hahaha! Pinky much isn't it?
This is what I wore when we practice a dance routine. And this was the very first day when I met again my childhood friend slash crush back in the old days (redundant much :D) after a decade.
Just a little history to share about us, when we were kids, we used to be together almost all the time. We play anything. That's why we were always paired by our moms and their friends. Bagay sa outfit ko ung blush Hahaha! :)


  1. This is so lovely <3

  2. Bagay sa outfit mo ang blush! Heheh. Cool! Love the pink stuff Cielo!
    Happy weekend!

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  3. I love pink! So girly!

    I just followed your blog=)

  4. ganda :)) i so love you and Koizora the film! tapusin mo na yung sinumulan mo na story :)) tas pabasa :d

    1. Hahaha sure. Sa'yo ko unang papabasa un pag natapos ko na :)