January 13, 2013

Before the event

Preparing for this so-called "memorable one night only", we had to undergo so many obstacles.
At first, I thought planning a birthday party is just a piece of cake. But heck I was wrong! It's so hard to choose what to eat, where to celebrate, and to please some people. It's hard to make a guest-list. And the hardest thing I had to decide was what to wear. We had to go to so many designers in town to choose the best. I thought we found one, but we end up nothing. The designer we picked has no "word of honor". She messed up my gown and my night! Actually, to tell you, I designed (not actually literally designed by drawing, but the idea) my white dress. That's what I really liked. But I was expecting more of the gown because I'm looking forward to its color, which is coral pink. But yeah. So to speak!

Here are the photos taken before the event:

PS. I really love my shoes! :)

Shoes from Primadonna and People Are People


  1. I love the color of your dress! :) I hope you had a wonderful night and I hope you enjoyed it immensely with your friends and family! :)

    1. Thank you for appreciating it :): Yes I did enjoy, at least, at my after-party :)

  2. Dashing debutante! :) So pretty my dear! Enjoy your life and stay awesome! :)

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  3. Organizing a big event can be really stressful sometimes! But your dress looks STUNNING! The color and shape are fabulous!


    1. Yes it is! That's why it makes my head like an erupting volcano
      Aww. Really? Thank you :))

  4. Those shoes are fabulous!! they are so colourful! cute pictures as well xo

  5. I love the way you take pictures, it's different than everyone else and I like it :D

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  6. Hey! thanks for your comment on my blog.
    btw, where can I get the blue heels one? I really love them but no links on your post about the shoes :)
    Let's we follow each, see you on my list ;)

    Wulan Wu on http://bootsydoopsy.blogspot.com/

    1. It's from Primadonna. You could visit their site here :)
      I've been a follower of yours since last month :))