Berry Pink

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Notice something in my outfit?
It's obviously BERRY PINK, right? Hahaha! Why not? I love pink so much, the top among my favorite colors. Don't blame me if I love pink so much. It's part of being a girl. Am I right girls? :)
The time I wore this is when I had a date with my little sister. Yes, you read it right. I had a movie date with her. It's quite impossible but it happened. Just kidding. Peace Yen ;) But, before I went to a date with her, I had a date with my boys first. Hahaha. My high school friends asked me to come over at least for awhile before I go to the mall. They said they really want to see me, so I had to come over to Chris' house. The mastermind of that plan was a lover of mine. Joke. Hi Raleigh! :D I never thought that they would miss me like that. Aww. So sweet

I really had fun that day. As much as I want to share all the things that happened that day, I can't because I know you might be bored to read a long post like this. Sorry :(

How do you find my look? :)

Top and Shorts from Candies' | Flats from Sole | Headband is a gift from a friend

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  1. lovely outfit :3
    lovee your flats! :D

    just followed you, mind to follow me back ? thanks!

  2. Pink is indeed for girls..
    who says you are more beautiful waring PINK!
    SO fab!

  3. woow pretty smile , i love your outfit simple and casual :)

  4. love the color of the dress :D


  5. major cute

  6. you look really cute.. this is a pretty outfit for a date day. =)

    xo, Carla

  7. love your pink outfit! you look beautiful :) if you enjoy my blog too, would you like to follow each other? xo jess

  8. I like your outfit,it's so cute! :))


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