March 26, 2022

How to Look Good in Swimsuits Without Burning Calories

"I envy those who have a perfect coca cola bottle-like body because they can wear swimsuits whenever they want to. While here I am, just sitting at the other side of the beach watching them in my rash guard."

A few years ago, I received that message on Instagram. A reader replied that to one of my photos where I was wearing a one-piece swimsuit. I felt really bad after reading this because I feel like social media has set the standards of beauty when in fact, not all we see in the Internet is real.

cielo fernando how to look good in swimsuits

"I wish I had the same body as yours so I'd be confident in wearing swimsuits. I don't have stretch marks but I have a lot of fats in my body! Lol. Enough reason to not wear a bikini," she adds.

To be honest with you guys, I don't have the perfect body and there are days that I really wish I have Kelsey Merritt's figure because who doesn't want to have a Victoria's Secret Angel-like body, right?

But really, what's a "perfect" figure? A size 0 or a waistline of 24? Who said that anyway? So what if you have tiger stripes on your butt? Or flat chest and bloated tummy? Just because you have these doesn't mean you shouldn't wear swimsuits.

If you're someone who's not comfortable with your body shape, this swimsuit guide is for you! I've rounded up a few tips on how to look good on swimwear even without burning calories:

1. Fall in love with your swimsuit

cielo fernando how to look good in swimsuits boracay

First things first, apply the general rule when shopping: don't buy it just because it's on sale. Buy it because you feel good in it. Don't easily fall on the hard selling skills of a saleslady. Don't buy it just because it’s the hottest style right now. Get it because you feel good in it. You can’t expect to feel confident in a swimsuit if you don’t love what you’re wearing.

2. Accessorize

cielo fernando how to look good in swimsuits boracay

After picking your swimsuit, choose accessories or clothing pieces that match perfectly together. You can get a huge belt to hide your tummy. A scarf to hide your arms. Or a cover up if you're too shy to show some skin. Know the basic fashion and make the beach your runway.

3. Don't burn calories. Burn your negative thoughts!

cielo fernando how to look good in swimsuits boracay

Although it helps to burn calories as part of your healthy lifestyle, some of us are just too lazy to get up. So, what else can you do? Just don't think of negative things. 

 Life's too short to worry about what other people think. 

You see, people will always have something to say about you so might as well enjoy the rest of your life without caring about their opinion.

So to all the girls who think swimsuits are just for a 26-24-26 figure, I say you don't have to lose weight to wear a bikini, okay? 

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cielo fernando how to look good in swimsuits boracay

You don't need to have a waist that spans of a man's hand. No matter what shape or size you are, you can wear whatever you want and whenever you want.

 Any body is a "beach body" 

Anyone can be in a swimsuit and enjoy themselves at the beach, pool or even just in their rooms. Don't you just want to enjoy life freely? If you keep thinking about what others would say about you, you might one day wake up feeling terrible for not making the most of your vacation because you thought you have thick thighs and bloated tummy.

Sure the idea of wearing a swimsuit is really daunting especially if you lack the nerves but with the right amount of self-confidence and self-love, everything will be alright and you'll be surprised at how things might end. Just do it, girl.

cielo fernando how to look good in swimsuits boracay
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