March 30, 2022

Shapewear Undergarments: Should You or Should You Not Wear One?

There’s no denying, days (and nights) sans undergarments are totally comfortable. Imagine feeling free as a bird, walking lightly as a feather, absolutely carefree—nice, huh? While ditching the undergarments gives us the comfiest feeling ever, there are days that we just want that extra support.

waist trainer shapewear for women

Whether you’re going out for a special occasion or just running some errands, we all have that go-to underwear. It could be our chic sports bra, seamless undies, aesthetic lace bralettes, or that bang for the buck shapewear that can make all the difference. 

Of course, when it comes to wearing undergarments like corsets or wholesale waist trainers with logo, you want one that's comfortable, breathable, and supportive without being limiting. The problem is when we hear the term shapewear, the first few words that come to mind are “tight” and “uncomfortable”. The former is true but the latter is not always the case especially if you choose the right brand, material, and size of shapewear for women. 

shapewear for women

Gone are the days when women had to wear those Victorian-era corsets with tight lacings and metal panels. In this day and age, modern shapewear has changed in a lot of ways. They’re a lot more comfortable, fashionable, and wearable whenever. 

Shapewear is a great undergarment for these reasons:

  • Flattering: It defines our body even better.
  • Versatile: Shapewear can be paired with anything or worn as is (like a corset as an alternative top).
  • Confidence-booster: Shapewear helps us to feel even more beautiful.

corset shapewear for women

Don’t know how to wear a shapewear right? Here’s fashion stylist Annabel Tollman’s tip: "It can be tempting to get a tight undergarment, but if you squeeze your flesh in one area, it's going to pop out in another. If you're between sizes, always go up rather than down. If the shapewear bunches, rides up, or rolls at the top, that's because it's too small.” When wearing a waist trainer or corset, keep in mind that you should be able to breathe comfortably when you sit down. 

What are your thoughts on wholesale shapewear for women? Share them in the comment box below. 


  1. These look awesome! One of the burdens about being girl is having to wear the right underwear for a certain outfit and thankfully there are a lot of options now.
    Steph G

  2. Thanks for sharing. Shapewear is the shaping of our body and it helps us a lot in wearing beautiful dresses.

    The coming summer, I am full of yearning. I've started preparing for summer swimwear (white bikini sets).