So Long 2018

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

As much as I want to be positive today and welcome the new year with a high note, I'd have to say that 2018 was just okay. It's not a stellar year for me and kind of appalling. Nothing momentous has happened.

And I'm not gonna lie...

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It has been a difficult year for me. There were so many questions of what ifs, hows and whys. But along the way, I've seen a different side of me which led me to quite interesting, fun and exciting things that were beyond the boundaries I set and never thought I could and would ever do.

And that was what I'm thankful for for the past year. I stepped one block away from my comfort zone and I must admit, I have a long way to go to fully escape the four corners of my own cage.

As the New Year starts, I promise myself to not rush and always trust the process. So here I am, walking away from 2018 leaving all the pitfalls behind and welcoming 2019 with positivity.

Let's all be grateful for today because we all have been through so much and still made it out.

2019, I'm ready for you. Happy New Year!

So on to my outfit, I'm wearing a cap and pants, both in leather materials. Some asked me how I managed to get through the heat while wearing those. Well, my top is light, the cap protects me from the sun and the pants is not that thick so I can move freely. I got this leather pants from Zaful which is similar to the women leather pants from Dresshead.

Leather Cap from Dresslily | Pants from Zaful


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  1. you look stunning. Happy new year.

  2. Happy New year 😊 great outfits😊have a nice week 😊

  3. We all have years where things don't go our way or really stand out all that much. That's okay! Here is to a new year. I hope it is wonderful for you :)

    1. That's totally true! Cheers to a fruitful year! :)

  4. Perfection! Love this look! Kisses !!
    You look amazing


  5. nice look

    visit mine?
    Mrs. Aa

  6. Great post dear!
    I have new post on my blog, you can look it.
    I followed you, and hope that you will follow me. <3

  7. Great image dear, happy new year!

  8. Great photos!!
    Happy new Year.

  9. Love the look.

  10. Sounds like 2018 provided challenges but it made you stronger and I'm sure 2019 will be even better! :)

    xo, alison*elle

    1. It did and I'm thankful for that no matter how hard last year was :)

  11. You look young, healthy, very pretty, and I love your positive attitude!
    Best wishes for health, success and much happiness in year 2019!

    1. Aww. Thank you! I wish you the same, too :)

  12. I believe this year will be more interesting and exciting for you!
    Happy New Year, dear!!

    blog: MyBlondeGal
    insta: @myblondegal

  13. Amazing post darling, you look gorgeous and very beautiful pictures!

  14. Still in the period of the wishes!
    I wish you a happy new year 2019!
    She'll be conducive to the realization of all your wishes and much more ...
    Superbe your pictures !

  15. You look amazing!Love those pants:-)


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