December 19, 2018

Kiss the Tiramisu: The Famous Korean Dessert Cafe Opens Its Second Branch in the Philippines

If there's one thing that comes to mind when you hear about Korean desserts, bingsu tops the list. But don't you know the country of oppas is also famous for its ice cream? Kiss the Tiramisu is the living proof. 

If you happen to pass by a cafe in Hongdae, Seoul with a long queue, it must be Kiss the Tiramisu. People line up for their eccentric but delicious soft-serve ice creams made with premium ingredients including the mascarpone cheese which stands out as the one element that binds everything together into a one sweet symphony. 

And instead of putting the ice cream in cones or ordinary cups, the soft-serve comes in gold-rimmed plastic goblets that you can take out of the store and reuse, which takes the ice cream experience to the next level.

Because it easily caught the hearts of many, the brand has grown to 14 branches all over South Korea and 20 franchises overseas including Australia, China, Canada, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, soon in Paris and of course, the Philippines.

Shirley Vy-Wong, CEO and President of Foodeology, Inc., brought this famous Korean dessert shop to the Philippines last year, making its first branch in Makati. Since then, many Filipinos have fallen in love with Kiss the Tiramisu's famous soft-serve ice cream and other desserts.

Shirley Vy-Wong, CEO and President of Foodeology, Inc.

Shirley Vy-Wong with Jiro Kim. founder of Kiss the Tiramisu

But how about those who live in the North? This question from those who live far from the central business district prompted Shirley to open another branch of Kiss the Tiramisu. Thus, they opened one in TriNoma Mall in Quezon City. Now, every Filipino can experience the hype of this luxury Korean dessert. 

Original Tiramisu

Sure, tiramisu ice cream is no stranger but Kiss the Tiramisu will give you a different delightful form of experience! They pride itself with its perfect and melts-in-your-mouth layers of vanilla ice cream made only with milk—no water added, mascarpone cheese, mocha and butter cookie crumble, coffee sauce, and dark chocolate shavings. 

Original Tiramisu, P265


It has almost the exact list of ingredients as the Original Tiramisu, only replacing the coffee sauce with matcha sauce and adding a fine dusting of matcha powder.

Matcha, P285


They say, no Korean dessert is complete without its famous delicacy injeolmi or sticky rice cakes dusted with roasted soy bean powder. This flavor serves you a sweet part of Korean culture. If you like your desserts sweet and savory, you'll find this more than enjoyable.

Injeolmi Ice Cream, P265

Midas Touch

This is an exclusive flavor offered only in the Philippines. It's like a different take on the famous pinoy dessert halo-halo. This dessert is crafted by Chef Kat Diploma. What's in the goblet are the layers of ube cake, leche flan, crushed barquillos and soft-serve vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce and an edible 24k gold that makes this dessert an Instagram-worthy feature! This is also known as the Billionaire's ice cream.

Midas Touch, P295

Aside from the ice creams, Kiss the Tiramisu also offers cakes to satisfy your sweet cravings. They have the Classic Tiramisu Cake and Matcha Tiramisu Cake. And because the holiday season is here, they have their specialty Christmas cakes namely Peach Cheesecake and Oreo Mousse Cake (a personal favorite).

Kiss the Tiramisu is located at the Ground Floor of the Mindanao Lobby Entrance of TriNoma Mall, Quezon City.



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