October 26, 2020

5 Pieces Every Fashionista Must Have That Are Under $5

While most of us have traded jeans and dresses for sweatpants and tees for the time being, our wardrobe sometimes whispers to us that it needs an upgrade. No one knows how long this quarantine will last, but a closet with reliable pieces will make it easier for you to get you back on track once the pandemic has passed.

So if you want to slay the streetwalk when things get better, be sure to have these clothing pieces to upgrade your wardrobe. The best part? Everything is under $5!

Read on to find the best fashion pieces you must have for an upgraded wardrobe without breaking the bank.

1. Scarf Top

scarf top every fashionista must have

Back Tie-Bow Solid Color Short Strapless Top ($4.80)

One of the must-have items for every fashionista is a scarf top. It’s sleek, sexy but classy. A scarf top is easy to wear, simple to look at but definitely a scenestealer. 

This Back Tie-Bow Solid Color Short Strapless Top from Wholesale7.net has high quality and textured Polyester/Terylene, the fit runs casual but remains comfortable for you. It is made of good quality 91%-99% Polyester, soft, and comfortable to wear. Your wardrobe must have this scarf top because cheap tanks & camisoles are always on-trend. You can wear this on a quick road trip, on a beach getaway, and even on a romantic date night. 

2. Camisole Tank Top

camisole tank top

Summer Backless Camisole Black Tank Top ($3.96)

Another wardrobe must-have that every fashionista must invest in is a neutral camisole tank top. It’s very versatile and can be paired with anything. A lot of cheap clothing online stores sell this kind of top so it’s easy to find the perfect one in a few clicks. 

3. Bodycon Dress

sexy bodycon dress for women

Solid Cut Out Rope Pulling Bodycon Dress ($4.39)

What better way to spend a romantic date night than wearing a classy bodycon dress? It’s a staple for every wardrobe because a bodycon dress is a classic that you can wear everywhere especially on a date and night outs. 

This Solid Cut Out Rope Pulling Bodycon Dress from Wholesale7.net is made of high quality and textured Milk Fiber. It fits so well but remains comfortable for you. This dress is breathable and flattering. And it’s only under $5! Talk about a steal. 

4. Gold Layered Necklace

gold layered necklace

Simple Geometric Star Moon Pendant Necklace For Women ($3.06)

The best way to complete your look and make your outfit more classy is a beautiful gold layered necklace. Not only you can wear this for your everyday look but you can also wear it on the beach. 

5. A Statement Bag

statement bag

Draped Handle Solid Color Mini Crossbody Bags ($4.99)

An outfit is never complete without a bag. If you’re the gal who’s always wearing classic and minimalist outfits and want to make your whole look stand out, you can just bring a statement bag. The statement bag never disappoints when it comes to catching attention. 

No need to look for a cheap clothing online store to get all these items because you can just buy everything at Wholesale7.net for a very affordable price.


  1. All of these pieces are so cute. I love the idea of a scarf top and layered gold necklaces always look amazing.
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. Bodycon dress looks fantastic :)

  3. Oh I like everything, especially the white dress, the necklace and the bag!! :)
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