November 6, 2020 Seoul, South Korea

10 Most Delicious Korean Street Food Every Traveler Must Try

The streets of Seoul are lined up with rich and diverse dishes that are intended to be eaten on the go. This city is famous not just for being a shopping district but also because of its wide variety of Korean street food.

From sweets to savory, Korean street food will definitely give you a gastronomic adventure that your tummy will thank you for.

Take a look at the following guide to discover the must-try street food in Seoul, South Korea.

1. Chocolate-Coated Strawberries

These are strawberries with chocolates. Strawberries in Korea are huge and sweet yet surprisingly affordable so don't miss this Korean street food if you want a taste of Korean sweetness on the go.

Price: 3,000 won per cup

2. Odeng (Eomuk Tang)

Ah! My favorite Korean street food! I could eat this all day every day. This fish cake is totally the best and perfect for the cool weather because it is served with hot broth fish cake soup. Its taste is quite similar to fish balls or squid balls of the Philippines.

Price: 1,000 won

3. Tteokbokki, Breaded Prawns

They say you can't leave Korea without eating Tteokbokki... but I did because I'm not fond of spicy food. I'm a weakling when it comes to chili and spices. I kinda regret it but since I'm planning to return to Korea, this one's gotta be on my list. This Korean street food is so famous in Seoul. It has rice cake and fish cake in chili-based sauce.

4. 32cm Ice Cream

When in Myeongdong, you should definitely try this famous ice cream. It's creamy but rough in texture. Imagine, though it was raining and the temperature was 6°C, we still tried it and did not regret it.

Price: 2,000 won

5. Gyeran-ppang (Egg Bread)

Another favorite! Seriously, I don't know what "enough" means when it comes to this Korean street food. Whenever we see this egg bread, we couldn't resist. It's like a puffy pancake with a whole egg inside.

Price: 1,000-3,000 won

6. Gimbap, Corndog, Mandu

Gimbap is a Korean sushi filled with rice, cucumber, pickled radish, carrots, meat, egg, cheese, and more. 

7. Sundae (Blood Sausage), Steamed Octopus Legs

If you're a K-Drama fan, for sure you have seen this Korean street food already, especially in Fight For My Way. It's generally made of steaming cow or pig's intestines stuffed with various ingredients.

8. Seafood Pancake

9. Sausages

10. Korean Fried Chicken

Unlike the fried chicken in the Philippines, the Korean version is a bit spicy and they don't have any sauce for this like gravy. Korean fried chicken is best paired with salt and pepper with chili powder.

Binggrae Milk

And bonus, though this is not a type of Korean street food, you must not miss this famous yogurt milk when in Seoul. If you're a K-Drama fan, you'll see this drink so often! Most people prefer the banana milk flavor but my favorite is the strawberry. 

Explore as much as you can in Korea. There are so many places to see and activities to experience. Also, expect a lot of walking because most of the popular spots there are connected to each street.

The busy streets of Dongdaemun. There's always a flea market every morning. They sell new and used things and sweet treats at a cheap price.

Lotte Tower

Have you been to Korea? Share your favorite food and places in the comments below! :)



  1. My boyfriend and I really wanna go to Korea he's in it for the food I for the makeup. Nice post! Maybe you would want to see my latest post


    1. Wow excited for both of you. I'm sure you'll enjoy Korea as much as I did :)

  2. Wow, everything looks incredible! I cannot get over that massive ice cream cone! That is fabulous!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh so good! Every penny spent on Korean food is so worth it :)

  4. I also really want to try Hotteok, everything looks so delicious!

  5. I'm really love watching k-drama so I look at their food and it's look really delicious :))) and I'm so envy seeing you can explore the food :)

    1. Hope you could visit Korea soon, too when traveling is safe again. I'm sure you'll love it there :)