May 30, 2022

New Online Games in 2022 Perfect to Kill Boredom

If there's one thing I hate about being stuck at home—it's boredom. With the pandemic still far from over, staying indoors is becoming the new normal. While spending time at the comforts of your own bed is nothing but rejuvenating, sometimes, it can get pretty boring. So, how can bet boredom?

From binge-watching your favorite rom-com Korean drama to becoming your own barista, we all have different ways of entertaining ourselves amid a global pandemic. One of the things I found enjoyable during the lockdown is playing online games. These games are not the kind that need pro skills though. My types of games are just simple, yet entertaining and can even improve your intellectual abilities. If you want a classic game of chance, you could check out this blackout bingo review. You can even play for real money!

Here I've rounded up my three favorite online games I'm playing to kill boredom.

free online games 2022 super smash bros

1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If you've loved Mario and Luigi as a kid, then you're going to enjoy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch to the core! It features iconic characters you can select as your hero that fights the opponent. This online game is perfect whether you want to play by yourself against another online gamer via a 1-on-1, or if you want to brawl with your friends. The game can cater to as much as 8 players! How fun is that, right? My biases are Simon, Zero Suit Samus, Palutena, and Bayonetta.

free online games 2022 super smash bros ultimate

How to play
  • Attack your opponent
  • Build up the damage
  • The more damage a fighter takes, the farther they'll fly which will lessen the life percentage so the key here is to hit as hard and as many as you can, and to push your opponent out of the stage
  • If you get launched, you can make your way back to the stage and keep fighting

2. Hidden Object

In the mood for some search ops and unleash the detective in you? Hidden Object from is your best bet. This online game features several places where you'll search for hidden items. You can select several themes like a hotel, garden, circus, castle, or kitchen. I've had so much fun playing Hidden Object because it tested my keen observation for details. Trust me, looking for all the hidden objects is really challenging, which makes this online game 2022 more fun.

free online games 2022 hidden object

How to play

  • Find all the hidden objects in the game
  • Click on an object to select it. Pinch or long click the image to zoom in or out
  • This game has 10 levels which are timed. You must beat the prior level to unlock the next one
  • If you are stuck on an item you can click on the [?] button then click on the item to reveal where it is located, though doing so will cost you 100 points
  • Be careful about what you click though, because this game penalizes random guesses by removing 5 seconds from your time for each incorrect click

3. Word Search

Bookworms, get ready as this game's for you! Word Search is an awesome game that lets you find words on a puzzle. The puzzle features a combination of short and long words. And oh boy, long words might give you a headache. I'd definitely recommend this online game if you are bored and has a time to kill. Not only is this entertaining but you'll also learn new words that you haven't heard of before. In short, you'll have fun while learning.

free online games 2022 word search

How to play

  • Read the list of words you need to find and start searching
  • When you find words in the puzzles, they are highlighted in green


  1. My favorite game was Mario and Mappy on Nintendo 🙈

  2. Lovely post I used to love Sonic and Mario Brothers!