May 31, 2022 Capones Island, San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines

Bandeau Top: The Perfect Swimsuit for Small Busts

In this day and age, social media has injected this kind of "ideal" body in our minds that we feel like we need to achieve in order for us to be liked. Many women have different body insecurities — some hate their plunging bellies, some don't like their broad shoulders, some think they're too thin, and some just hate their small boobs. 

All my life, I've been living in cup A but that doesn't bother me at all. Honestly, I'm fine with it but to some, size does matter and that's kind of heartbreaking. If you're someone who's skeptical about wearing swimsuits just because you've got small boobs, don't worry, I got you. 

bandeau swimsuit for small boobs

Looking for the best swimsuits for small boobs is a lot easier than you think. There are so many styles that are actually flattering for women with small boobs — from triangle tops to plunging necklines, women with small busts have a lot to choose from.

As someone with small bust, I found myself liking one particular summer style and that's a bandeau top. Bandeau swimsuits come in many styles like one-piece and two-piece bikinis. 

bandeau swimsuit for small boobs

Why bandeau swimsuits are perfect for women with small boobs:

  1. It's highly flattering
  2. It accentuates your bust giving you a sexier look
  3. It's easy to pair with any bottom
  4. It's a classic
  5. It will exude your confidence

bandeau swimsuit for small boobs
bandeau swimsuit for small boobs

There's no denying, many women feel so insecure in a bathing suit especially if you don't have the 34-26-24 figure because in reality, that's the "ideal" body shape, right? Well, I hate to break it to those who think of that but ALL body shapes and sizes are beautiful. 

Although I'm recommending you to try bandeau swimsuits, don't just take my word for it. Wear anything you want that make you feel your best. It's not about the swimsuit style. It's about how you feel when wearing it. 

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  1. I wear similar styles all the time and it's SO comfortable! looks good too. I really enjoy wearing this style of swimsuits. I also think it makes smaller chest look een more attractive

  2. Many worry about what people see or think about them. Some worry about their big boobs so everyone has something to worry about. Though I don't have a perfect body, I just thank God for giving me what he has given me.

  3. Yes it's really nice to buy some items on vacation to have memories at home <3

    Great post with a cute swimsuit. I love triangle bikini tops and high waist pants, this makes me feel most comfortable in the water =)

  4. This is such a beautiful style and it looks wonderful on you! Love what you said about how a swimsuit makes you feel. That is definitely the most important part!