December 15, 2022

Camella Builds the First and Only Resort-Themed Condo in Bay, Laguna — Camella Manors Upstate

Residing in condominiums is an obvious choice, especially for those who choose to live within central business hubs. But more than the perks of being near your workplace or your school, what draws people to choose condominiums is the lifestyle it offers. From the fewer maintenance responsibilities and 24/7 security to its proximity to public services and transportation, living in vertical villages has a lot of advantages. And if you're someone who enjoys the outdoors so much, possibly the most likable perk by far, is the free and full use of facilities that would probably not be available in a stand-alone home.

This is why Camella, the country’s premier real estate developer with the widest geographic reach in the Philippines, realized that to meet the growing needs of their markets, the brand had to expand upward. Camella is evolving its well-loved concept of horizontal-themed neighborhoods by re-creating its residential communities as resort-themed “vertical villages.”

Rising upward and taking Filipino families along for the ride

camella manors upstate pool area

In six cities Laguna, Lipa, Puerto Princesa, Bacolod, Butuan, and Davao Camella has blueprinted seven mid-rise tower communities to date. Camella’s vertical villages are purposely resort-themed: offering landscaped open spaces, pools, function halls, play courts, gyms, and roof decks amenities that create perfect daily vacations, so every home becomes a private escape. The properties are a blend of the conveniences of a condominium and the facilities of a horizontal village. They are mid-rise towers to lessen the population density, allowing for more privacy and breathing room. They also offer the movement and space of an open village, all this grants its residents a markedly loftier lifestyle with a spread of living options all nestled in a modern sky-bound tower within, or very close to, bustling business and commercial hubs.

For over 40 years, Camella has been building high-quality, great-value homes, creating well-loved and, often preferred, sanctuaries where Filipinos can raise their families. The Camella communities are designed to be the spaces where the most incredible memories are made. They are always beautifully themed with landscaped green spaces, lifestyle facilities, and business establishments integrated into master-planned neighborhoods. During those years, the Brand became an expert in what Filipinos hope for. This understanding of their market gave Camella the ability to build the communities where Filipino families feel most comfortable the places they can call theirs, where they are happy to create their memories and their futures. This knowledge made the brand realize that it had to build upward to offer its future homeowners the ability to live near their places of work and lifestyle centers. Thus, the brand expanded its community portfolio from themed community concepts into resort-themed vertical villages, not just creating amazing places to live, but also guaranteeing that every Camella vertical village is a valuable investment.

A new vertical village rises in Laguna

camella manors upstate facade

After developing the thriving community of Camella Baia in Bay, Laguna, Camella is elevating the life offered in the locality by master planning the first, and only, a resort-themed condominium in Laguna. Meet Camella Manors Upstate ready to rise in the beautiful Bay.

Bay pronounced “ba-ee” is one of the oldest towns in the province of Laguna, and its first capital city. It languidly wraps around the southern shores of Laguna de Bay, the country’s largest lake, and while many believe that Bay got its name from the lake, the opposite is true. The lake was actually named for the town. 

Laguna itself lies just southeast of Metro Manila, contiguous to the CDB and sharing the shores of Laguna de Bay. Bay is actually easy and breezy one-and-half hours away from the NCR, on a good day.  The trip offers a delightful change of perspective from the rush and buzz of a modern metropolis to the rich greenery, quiet towns, and micro-farms that blanket one’s field of visions for mile after charming mile.

Rising to a life of dreams on so many different levels

camella manors upstate gym area

While coming in rife with the same popular amenities Camella communities are known for, “Upstate” now offers this lifestyle to Laguna’s denizens. For the health buffs, there will be a basketball court, jogging paths, a play park, and a swimming pool. There will even be a pet park for animal lovers. 

A Clubhouse will gather the residents together in celebration and much-needed bonding. The towers will come with roof decks to enjoy the lovely Laguna sunsets. Here, Camella Manors Upstate will offer relaxing seating, pocket gardens, and the best views in town.

camella manors upstate pool side

The towers will be “smart buildings,” including key card entry and alarm systems in the units. They also come with fire and smoke warning alarms, a sprinkler system, and, for even stronger security, full CCTV coverage in the common areas. “Upstate,” is a beacon of progress and convenience amidst business and commercial centers, service centers, top educational institutions, places of worship, and major transportation hubs offering both easy access to whatever one needs in the day-to-day, and the quiet sanctuary of a home within a well-managed private residential neighborhood.

Beyond this, Camella Manors Upstate opens opportunities for investors wishing to take full advantage of the continuous growth of real estate and industry in South Luzon. One mustn’t forget that the area is also one of the fastest-growing tourism hot spots.

Offering an elevated lifestyle is the key vision built into the master plan of Camella Manors Upstate. Camella’s condominium communities are an amazing way to live. They are designed to allow one to dream loftier dreams... sometimes even beyond one’s expectations.

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