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Monday, January 21, 2013

As what I've promised on my past posts about my debut, here are the pictures of me, wearing my gown.
I hope you like it as much as I hate it. Hahahaha kidding! (I'm so bitter! -____- )

With my Escort slash childhood friend slash crush. Hahahahaha
Wanna know what's the story behind our teaming up at this day? My mother and his mother are so close, they're like BFFs and because they were also co-teachers. We met each other when we're little. He's my crush that time, every time our mothers would hang out, we're automatically there too so we would see each other often. But when I transferred to other school, we merely see each other and when that happens, we don't say hi anymore or play together. Maybe because we grew up already and there's the ilangan factor between us. Our mothers and their other friends tease us every time. Kesyo bagay daw kami sa isa't isa. Haha. The first time we met again after 10 years or so, is at our place when my mother asked him to be my escort! I was so shocked because she never told me that I already have an escort. I was planning to ask a friend of mine but yeah. And the one who told me was my sister!
My mother said that I need to have a special number with him. MAJOR AWKWARD! By the way, he just returned from the USA last September or October, if I'm not mistaken. And that, we practiced together with my dorm-mates and relatives. We bonded and got close again. But now, not as children, but as teenagers! Hahahahaha! Until now, our mothers are not stopping on teasing us. I have a secret to tell you, he's asking me out! And the fact that our schools in Manila are just like beside each other, there's a 90% chance that we'd see each other there.

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  1. you look lovely! That color is nice on you :)

    would you like to follow each other on gfc? xo

  2. Wow, you look totally adorable!

    I'm your newest follower, would you follow me back? :)

    Kisses from Poland!

  3. wee! you look cute together :D
    love the dress dear!

    Thirdbite | style blog

  4. Love your gown sweetie! So cute! :) Enjoy your new life as a grown up lady! Weee! :)

    ★♡ Missin' My Outfit Posts? (^_^) ♡★
    Outfit Post: BAdA$$ Rocker Chic
    Chic, Rockstar, Edgy Party Look!

    ❤ ~Chai

  5. Great look, you look great in that color :)

    Maybe we can follow each other? Just let me know.
    Kisses :*

  6. WOW! You are looking soooo beautiful! This dress is amazing!

    Have a great start in the week dear!


  7. the dress looks stunning on you :D

    followed you xoxo

  8. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)

  9. aw...cute dress and cute story with your escort :D

    Please feel free to join giveaway on my blog : $80 MsDressy Gift Voucher ^^

  10. omg you look super fun and awesome in this orange layered dress!
    would you like to follow each other?

  11. Love love love this post!
    I am your newest follower I'd love for you to check out my blog!!

  12. pretty gown! :-)

  13. Wow, Really pretty dress i think it will be perfect for the Valentine's Eve as well..!

    Audrey Beige Coat

    1. Whoa, for Valentine's? Haha I'll take that as an advice. Thanks! :D

  14. you look lovely!
    I nominated you for a sunshine blog award, check it out here:

    have a great day!


  15. oh wooww you look like a princess! and i'm sure you also felt like a princess:)
    lots of love xx


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