February 26, 2017

Shop the Trend: Statement Sleeves

Enough with the bright-colored skirts, unconventional necklines and frayed hems, because it's time to put the spotlight on the newest trend—statement sleeves. 

Unlike the first ones mentioned, sleeves are rarely considered the focal point of an outfit. Thanks to the good ol' coolest designers who brought the sleeves to the next level. Lots of fashion bloggers and celebrities are taking the sleeves game seriously and I don't think they are letting it go anytime soon.

What I like about the statement sleeves is that they make your outfit chicer and scene-stealer! You don't have to wear those uncomfortable deep neckline pieces and reveal too much skin to get noticed, here, all it takes is to show your sleeves and let them do the talking.

It may sound like a whole lot to embrace, but this is one of those trends that you can adapt to your own style.

You can shop these and more at Sheinside. :)