March 11, 2018 Cebu, Philippines

Weekend Itinerary in Cebu and Bohol

Part of my bucket list is to visit Cebu and Bohol. I've seen beautiful photos of them online and heard good stories about how fun and amazing those places are. So when my mom told me that we'll be going there, imagine how excited I was.

But we couldn't roam the whole city as we only have the weekend to explore because this was quite a spontaneous trip.

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On our first day, we started exploring the Queen City of the South— Cebu. Far from what I have expected, the city didn't amaze me. Sure the tourist spots we went to are really beautiful but to me, they are not that remarkable. Or maybe, because our tour guide wasn't enthusiastic enough to "guide" us. 

Cebu itinerary: 

Simala Shrine
Cebu Cathedral
Taoist Temple
Magellan's Cross
10,000 Roses

Simala Shrine

Magellan's Cross

Sirao Flower Farm

And so, the second day was what I enjoyed the most. I loved the views, food, and experience! Partly because, the tour guide was very accommodating and hilarious! That was a different guide, mind you.

Bohol Itinerary:

Blood Compact Site
Bohol Python Farm
Man-made Forest
Loboc River Cruise
Butterfly Garden
Tarsier Sanctuary
Chocolate Hills

Loboc River Cruise

Chocolate Hills

The Man-Made Forest