Esmeris Farm: A Hidden Gem in Laguna

Friday, November 08, 2019

Laguna is a popular out of town and quick getaway destination to Filipinos because of its nearness in Metro Manila. To get there, it will only take about at least two hours of travel time from the city. 

Most people who visit Laguna are either hiking up the mountains or swimming in hot springs and lakes. But for those who are craving something new and exciting in this part of Luzon, here is something you should include in your bucket list.

Liliw, Laguna is famous for its reputation in the shoe-making industry but other than that, there’s more to see in this quaint and humble town. It’s a bit far from the center of the province so it could take about 3 to 4 hours of travel time from Manila to get there. It may seem a long drive but it is still worth the trip. There, you will find a hidden gem— the Esmeris Farm.

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Esmeris Farm is a quiet and serene place, perfect for people who just want to take a breather from their stressful lives and enjoy the simple beauty of nature.

Before setting your feet on the farm, you will have to walk about 400 meters from the parking area. It’s like you’re hiking up the mountains because Esmeris farm is literally hidden from the busy town proper. While this might seem exhausting, there’s no other feeling but satisfaction when you make it to the farm.

What will welcome you is a vast greenery and fresh air.

You can enjoy their hammocks, sleep on the grass, swim on their pool or go horseback riding. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          You can also try their kiddie swings or their famous giant swings with a majestic view of the clouds and thousands of coconut trees like in Bali, Indonesia.

The 30 pesos entrance fee is so worth it.

Now if you want to spend the night and stargaze in the farm, you can rent their tents overnight.

Ordinary Tent: P250-P350/head
Glamping Tent: P2,000 good for 5 persons

As of writing, the farm isn’t flocked with tourists yet. But I’m sure it will, without a doubt, be a famous, or trending rather, Laguna destination any time soon.

Esmeris Farm is located at Barangay Ilayang San Roque, Liliw, Laguna.


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